AED – Automatic External Defibrillator


How many chances do you possess in your life in order to save another?

Acquiring an AED (automatic external defibrillator) may seem as simple as buying a copier unit, but the options you make right now, may be instrumental in more than simply reducing your insurance coverage-it may actually save a life.

Just a couple short years back, the very reasoning behind a regular person employing a defibrillator on a person in stroke may have resembled a humor movie. Luckily today, the advancement of technologies have transformed sci-fi into daily convenience. The modern Automatic External Defibrillator is safe for use, simple to work and portable enough to visit anywhere.

With rapid growth of technology arrives explosive opportunities for the market. Entire businesses now focus on the sales and manufacturing of this important, life-saving device. With a wide variety of prices, choices, models and colors the uninitiated buyer will most definitely be confused.

Here are the 7 key things you should insist upon when purchasing an Automatic External Defib.


Variety of models. A “one size fits all” isn’t a good strategy. A distributor with a variety of options will be able to custom fit the right device with your organizational needs, though you may only have a single need.

Other medical equipment. On the surface it seems that a company that specializes in AED units would be the logical choice. You’ll be working with a supplier for all your needs, by working with a company that has other medical equipment available. Customization with one-stop shopping!

24/7 Support. While shopping may be a daytime activity, your lifestyle may not. Be sure to work with a company that has 24/7 support either by phone or online where you can get your order fulfilled, product tracked and questions answered.


Charging of the unit. What is the shelf life of the unit? How long can it last without be charged? What is the expiration date of the unit?

Accessories. Does the product come with pads compatible for children? Is it wall mounted on in a kiosk? Does the unit come with signage for the unit? Is a storage container included?

Training. Is the unit easy to use. Does it come with English only instructions or can a non-English speaking user easily operate the device? Does it come with a DVD or manual for the owner? Are appropriate compliance documents included?

The value you seek in purchasing a life-saving device must be clearly defined. Getting a good price doesn’t mean the lowest price. There will be more than one good choice of an AED for your organization, but selecting the best one will require you to eliminate those options which don’t fit your needs and working with a company that thinks and acts like you. options, prices and models, you’ll now only be confident you’ve made the right choice for you, but you’ll know that the value you received is 2nd to none, by purchasing your AED from a supplier with a variety of models. Be wary of discounts in defibrillator’s, insurance and parachutes. The life you save, could be your own.

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