Asian Dating 101: How to Date Asian Women

There is something about Asian women that some Western guys find endearing or alluring. But due to differences in culture, these men find Asian dating quite difficult (or sometimes, puzzling). So if you want to date a woman from Thailand, Japan, or the Philippines, brace yourself because there may be differences that you can find a bit challenging.

Asian Dating 101: How to Date Asian Women

Here are a few tips and guidelines to heed when dating Asian women.

1. Show interest.

Asian women give big importance to their culture and tradition. They have this sense of distinguishing what is right from wrong and they want their partners to do just the same. An Asian woman is proud of her rich heritage. If the woman is bubbly, she will want to openly talk about her country of origin, her childhood and how different the East is from the West. If she is shy and conservative, she would appreciate you asking questions about her county. If you are serious, do pay a great deal of attention to her family and friends. Remember each of their names and their connection to your girl. If you want to be on the advantage side, instead of dating your oriental princess alone, tag her family along with you! For sure, if they will like you, your girl will like you too!

2. Respect.

The East and the West are two separate worlds and their women are two separate galaxies. If you have tried dating western women and succeeded, you cannot apply the same tactics when courting Asian women. An Asian woman is careful and does not want to feel violated personally and culturally. Do not make her feel that she is less of a person because she is Asian. She might not be assertive at first only for the sole reason that she is testing if you will treat her appropriately or not. If she finds you a true gentleman worthy of her time and attention, you may expect another date. If not, look for another girl. Cursing is not acceptable for some Asian women or all Asians in general so you should consider taming your tongue when dating Asian women. Asians are not fond of public affection so discretion is a must.

3. Be yourself.

No matter how you find dating an Asian woman different or challenging, you will still succeed if you will just be yourself. Do not pretend like you came from the same village or school. Do not be too proud that you know some phrases of her language. You might end up saying something wrong without meaning to. After all, dating is the getting-to-know phase and you’ll get to know each other better if you are speaking in a language you both understand.

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