Avon Sales Representative Success – How to Stand Out From Five Million Avon Reps

Known around the globe, Avon is the world’s number one direct sales beauty company. Not only can customers choose from a wide assortment of cosmetic products but also jewelry, accessories, home decoration items and wellness products. It’s great to be able to offer such a wide variety of products but for the average Avon Company Sales Representative how do you stand apart from other representatives. Do you have what it takes to become an Avon sales representative success? We will explore what it takes to succeed in a company that has over five million independent Avon Representatives in over 100 countries.

Avon has and continues to be the all time woman’s company of choice for creating incredible wealth and generating excellent leaders. This is a remarkable achievement for the cosmetic giant, but like most business opportunities in existence today, representatives find it very difficult to market effectively due to the lack of training. If you’re just starting or still struggling in Avon, then read on!

Avoid the Obstacles That Lead To Failure

1. Your warm list (the folks who know and trust you) is very small
2. Cold calling people from the local yellow pages
3. Convincing someone to join your business who has a different mindset than yours.
4. Distracting yourself using multiple strategies when you have not mastered one.
5. Stop pitching your business opportunity, people want to be educated not sold.
6. Folks treat this as a hobby and not a business

Educating yourself in the different areas involved in this industry is what separates the average sales person from the top producers. Eliminate the above obstacles by becoming an attractive marketer instead of a money hungry sales rep. You see, I was taught some time ago to look at what the masses are doing and then do the opposite. Here are a few ideas that will have prospects ringing your phone off the hook to do business with you.

1. Get your business online to create a global business
2. Brand yourself and not your business opportunity
3. Focus on those who believe in the network marketing business model but are struggling and need assistance.
4. Master one marketing strategy – Generate 10 leads consistently – Master Strategy #2 and so on.
5. When a lead leaves their phone number, pick up the phone and have a fact finding, relationship building conversation.
6. Lead with value – people will come to know, like and trust you.

Once you build that rapport with your prospect they will see you as the leader they want to do business with. Always remember that people join people and not network marketing companies. Learning to brand you first rather than your company opportunity will change your business & quality lead generation results significantly.

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