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The Belkin N+, one of the Belkin wireless routers available, recently took the CNET Editor’s Choice award. The device earned a 4-star rating. Wireless internet routers are quickly becoming a common addition to home networks across the country. For about $100, the Belkin N+ is easily the best choice of the Belkin wireless routers to give you the wireless range, data transfer speed, and high-throughput that a high grade router should.

If you use the Belkin wireless routers setup guide that is provided via CD, you can have your Belkin N+ up and running in just 5 minutes. As with all wireless internet routers, it is best to place the router in a central location within your home or office. If you’d like to customize the configuration and settings, the online firmware interface is straightforward to use. From the interface, you can modify firewall settings and change the default data handling protocols. There are also tools available to monitor your daily data transfer.

Belkin wireless routers use dual antennas and operate in a vertical position for optimum signal strength. The cable ports and LED indicator lights are all clearly labeled for easy setup and troubleshooting.

The Belkin N+ has a convenient Storage Manager feature, allowing you to connect an external hard drive via USB that can be accessed by any computer on your network. This is ideal for file sharing and transferring at high speeds and without the need for a hardwired connection. Do you need to compile digital pictures stored on different computers? No problem. Simply plug a thumb drive into the Belkin N+ and drag and drop all the photos you want onto it.

Another useful feature offered with the Belkin N+ as well as other Belkin wireless routers is the Broadband Download Speedometer. A line of blue LED lights on the front of the router indicate how fast the current download speed of your network is, compared to the fastest recorded download speed since the device’s installation. This is a great way to monitor performance, identify periods throughout the day that see the highest traffic, and also to optimize your Internet usage.

Finally, Belkin wireless routers utilize IP address reserving, which assigns your computer network a fixed IP address. This simplifies FTP data transfers, firewall setup, and parental controls that block specified Internet content.

The Belkin N+ is the most impressive of the Belkin wireless routers in terms of range and data throughput. The wireless signal can be picked up by laptop computers more than 400 feet away from the router, ensuring great coverage from any room in your house. The recorded download speeds averaged around 80 Mbps, regardless of the nature of the data being transferred or the distance over which it had to travel wirelessly.

Belkin wireless routers offer great quality, ease of use and outstanding performance. Belkin also offers very affordable products. Consider the Belkin N+ if you are in the market for a wireless internet router solution for your home.

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