Bespoke Post Review

Bespoke Post ($45/month) is a high-quality men’s subscription box service that gives you a “mini lifestyle upgrade” in each box. Each month they curate several new boxes around a theme and unlike most subscription boxes, you get to preview the new Bespoke Post box offerings on the first of each month, and you can easily skip any month that doesn’t interest you in your account section.

This NYC-based service is great for guys looking for a simple way to upgrade their lifestyle basics, from crisp Oxfords to homemade Old Fashioneds. Free of hassle, free of commitment, Bespoke Post gives men the things they want in their lives, even if they never realized what they were missing.

Every month, they release one or more new boxes, each of which contains quality products the Bespoke Post team has sourced from wherever quality demands. (Often, this means locally in the USA, but they also have partners in Europe where certain items are unmatched.) Themes range from cigars and leather carryalls to fine barware and BBQs. With an emphasis on storytelling, selected products are put together cohesively and sent straight to your door, eliminating all unnecessary middlemen. Streamlining the delivery also means the actual cost of the box is less too. While the average value of boxes hits above the $70 mark, Bespoke Post manages to keep their service affordable — members pay a modest $45 per box (shipping and handling included). Non-members pay $55, but unless you enjoy paying more for some reason, you may as well sign-up since it’s free.

It’s one of our favorite men’s subscriptions and one we gift regularly to others!

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