Bit Defender

What does a person look for in a Security Suite? Anti-virus utility, anti-phising, Anti-spam and Anti-spy ware, name a function and the latest release of Bit Defender has it all. The latest version of Bit defender, Internet Security v 2008, is packed with some excellent features that are required to secure your internet and computer usage.

To get into details, Bit Defender has mainly 4 major categories. They are Network Security, PC security, Identity Control and Parental Control. PC security checks the regular PC updates, anti spamming, the updates that happen on regular basis and also secures the Peer 2 peer file sharing within communities.

Network Security has two features called the Stealth Mode and Firewall. These features block intruders in getting access to your computer information on network or internet. The security feature has three levels which makes it a very secure application. Any slightest out of the way activity is immediately reported to the computer administrator.

Identity control feature is pretty good. It monitors and checks the changes in your identity as user so that your private data is secure. Any suspicious move in changing identity is blocked and user is locked out. Only administrator can then unlock the same. You may set some rules so that it is easy for you to prove your identity online.

Parental control is something that has become an essential feature in all security suites. Now you can track, check and record the usage of your children. It gives details of which site visited, what stuff was downloaded and shows you the entire data. It also blocks any information accessed with a particular word. This can be enabled by adding a couple of Keywords. Any explicit content would immediately raise an alarm.

All features of Bit Defender are very good compared to other Security suites in the market. The only disadvantage about this software is that the scan speed is very slow and this software occupies lot of physical memory.

Well, not everything comes packed in one box.

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