How to Select a Body Wash for Men

The days of bar soap are over – now, the popular body cleansing product for the shower is body wash. It has tons of benefits over bar soap, including being more clean – every squirt is new and has been touched by no one else. It is easy to use and foams up in any bath sponge. Furthermore, it can come in a variety of scents.

When body wash first emerged on the market, it was mostly purchased by women. The scents were predominantly floral and the washes were sold by female-dominated vendors like Avon. Nowadays, however, men are seeking out the same cleansing benefits, but want a wash that is scented more appropriately for them. As such, such washes can be great gifts for a man, but it is important that you select one with a masculine scent, such as a musky, spicy, or woodsy one. It must have a fresh, clean smell that is not floral, fruity, or sweet. A minty scent may also be nice for men, especially around the holidays. The nice thing about most male scents is that they are not inherently bad for women either, whereas female scents are usually not liked by men (except on the women they love!). If you are a woman in a cohabiting couple, you may want to try a men’s body wash as it may be something both of you can enjoy, and it will make your man feel important since you selected a product made for him.

Another important factor for a men’s body wash is its viscosity or thickness. A man does not want a watery gel that will not cling to the sponge. Try to select a body wash that is thick. It is often the case that such thick gels provide more moisture to the skin than thinner gels, and this is important for men’s rough skin. Since men are often reluctant to use moisturizers, a great body wash may be the only way they can nourish their skin to health.

Often men’s body washes will be offered in gift packs, which can include shampoos for men that are scented similarly to the body wash. These packs are great for birthdays, holidays, or anytime as a convenient way of getting all of the bath products you need at once. It used to be considered taboo for men to use too many body care products, as they would be seen as feminine, but today, body care products that are made for men have enabled men to enjoy the same hygiene and cleanliness as women while retaining a sexy, masculine scent.

Finding a great men’s body wash is very easy these days. Such washes come in a variety of scents, so select the one that you think you or the man for whom you are buying the wash would enjoy the most.

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