Booking Hotel Online Myth

Booking hotel rooms is now a commodity. Lodging booking information is all over the internet, and there are numerous companies out there that help you search for the right hotel and get the best price on your room. However, there still is a hotel booking myth that needs to be put to rest.

Myth: You get the best deal if you book directly on a Hotel Company’s website.

So the individual hotels and the hotel chains want you to believe that you’ll get the best deal if you go directly to their website to book your accommodations. That is not always the case. Why? Because if you book directly with one hotel, you will miss the opportunity to compare hotel prices with other hotels in the city you are staying in.

You did not think Hilton Express was going to tell you how much a competing Marriott hotel room costs on their website did you? I mean come on, you really did not think the “It’s a Wonderful Life” Macy’s telling customers about their competitor Gimbals movie story happens in today’s business world?

Most small business travelers don’t have a travel agent, which makes sense. Do yourself a favor and instead of booking your next hotel room directly at the hotel’s web site, try an unbiased hotel search engine. You’ll save some money, and you may even find a better lodging option for your trip via the reviews found on the search engine results page. You will thank me later.

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