Canopy Tent Buying Guide


Types of Canopies:

· Instant – This type of canopy tent is definitely the easiest to set up as it is designed to set up inside an instant. Generally, it is light-weight and used for lighting duty protection. It is great for camping or perhaps to keep off the sunshine for your backyard bbq.

· Pop Up – They are very easy to set up but are steady. They are capable of providing protection from both rainfall and sun and simply take a moment to pop up into position. They work nicely for almost any occasion, such as trade shows or outings to the beach.

· Garden – This canopy can be a beautiful addition to any outdoor activity. It generally looks far more formal than the instant or pop up canopy. It usually includes displays that can be zipped around keep out the mosquitoes or tied returning to make access simple while adding to the elegance of the canopy. It is perfect for your outside entertaining.

This is the canopy to consider along without needing to make room for a huge bag because it can fold up and fit in the trunk area of the car. It is then great for camping or when you need to cover a vendor booth in an outdoor trade show and don’t have space for lots of equipment, Extremely popular because of their mobile features.


· Hip and legs – Canopies with straight legs have the identical amount of square footage room at the base of the thighs and the valance leading, while canopies having a slant leg could have about 20Per cent less square footage towards the top than at the foundation, providing less tone. Legs can be strong or foldable for portability. They are generally adjustable for elevation.

· Frames o Steel vs. Aluminium – Frames may be found in lightweight or durable aluminum as well as light or heavy duty metallic. They are all reasonably resilient, with steel becoming stronger than aluminium. If you are regularly setting up your canopy without the need of help, you may favor aluminum, aluminum is less than steel, so. rust, but steel can rust if not shielded.

o Commercial Class vs. Lightweight Professional Grade – Industrial grade canopies are frequently made of heavy duty lightweight aluminum or steel and also have very high toughness and strength. The light-task commercial grade canopy relies on a superior grade of lightweight aluminum, it is therefore strong but lighter in weight than the commercial level canopy.

· Fabric – Most canopy tent shirts are made of a polyester fabric blend, which happens to be rated in denier; the higher the denier, the greater durable the fabric and also the better UV safety it provides. Many industry experts suggest that the optimal denier rating for a canopy is 500.