The Top Benefits of Car Sharing Programs

The recent economic depression has gotten many thinking about how to make their monthly car payments and keep up with expensive car maintenance costs. While for some people, taking out a car loan to help finance a car seems like a good option, perhaps another increasingly common option is car sharing. Read on to see what the benefits of this ever-popular program is to make informed decisions about your method of transportation

The most obvious benefit of car sharing programs is that it saves money. By using a car share, you’re shredding those monthly car payments, road taxes, insurance payments, and maintenance costs you’d usually have for a personal car. Joining a car sharing program simply transfers this responsibility and costs to someone else, while you simply pay a small fee to drive the car when you need to. This results in the utmost utilization of a single vehicle since many people are using it, at different times. Instead of taking in all the costs on yourself, the cost of using the car is split among several people.

Another benefit of car sharing initiatives is that unclogs the road and alleviates traffic, as the amount of single-occupant vehicles is reduced. If you live in or near a congested metro area, in an area with extensive public transportation, and there is a high burden of private car usage (limited parking, expensive insurance rates) then you should definitely consider a car sharing program. It has been found in a recent survey that ever car sharing vehicle removes about 15 personal cars off the road, and also plays a part in cutting back carbon emissions.

The ideal candidate who would benefit the most from these types of programs are people who live and cities and do not need to commute extensively or on a daily basis. If many amenities are within walking or biking distance, you don’t really need the extra burden of owning a private vehicle. Students are also ideal candidates, considering limited parking on dense campuses.

Driving less has its own benefits. Let’s say a person signs on to a car sharing program. They eventually start using alternative modes of transportation like biking and walking more. Indefinitely, purchasing a private vehicle might be postponed. Another benefit that these car sharing initiatives offer is convenience. Using a member card that you receive upon signing up, simply swipe your car against a card reader located on the car, and the system pulls up your driver’s license information, and your loaded method of payment. The doors unlock and you’re trip begins. You can reserve these cars in advance, and look online, or an iPhone or similar app to see where the location f the nearest car is. Then, think about all the options you have, particularly you have control over which kind of car you use – a hybrid on days you need to run minor errands, maybe a bigger vehicle like a truck when you need to move, and even convertibles if you’re taking a short day trip somewhere.

Finding a car sharing company is so easy and can be done with several clicks. A quick internet search will bring up providers in your area. Shop around and seriously consider a more joint ownership car program before taking out car loans to finance your personal private car.

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