Pick the Best Cat Litter For Your Feline

If you love your pet cat very much and want to provide the best for it, then make sure to get the best cat litter for it. This is as much important as providing good food and shelter to your feline. Cats can be very choosy about the litter they use and so one must make sure to provide them with the best one possible. Finding the best one in the market can be a tough job especially when your local pet store is flooded with dozens of varieties of cat litter.

There are a few things that you must have in mind while shopping for the best cat litter. Cats prefer litter that simulates the real feel of natural sand. Apart from that, make sure you pick that litter which can contain the smell of cat poo and pee. Cats are not bothered about the smell but it can be very annoying for you on a daily basis. Therefore, it is always preferable to pick those that are scented.

There are various types of cat litters available in the market and here is a small detailing about them:

1) Clumping cat litter is more of a convenience to the owner than the cat. This litter clumps the poo and makes them into solid hard mass by removing the moisture. Cleaning becomes very easy and there is no mess at all. You can do it once in every couple of weeks unlike the past where you had to clean the litter box very often. Now that’s a good news for all you lazy owners out there!

2) Organic cat litters are the newer varieties that have come in market and are biodegradable. Clumping litter was good but it was not biodegradable and was not flush friendly. Many people have favored this biodegradable cat litter because it is environmental friendly. Feline pine is the best one available in this variety and is pretty much inexpensive.

3) Crystal cat litter is another type that is currently available which has a capacity to absorb all the watery content and can go for long without having to clean up. Most cats don’t like this kind of litter but if you train your cat at a young age, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure you keep an eye on the litter box occasionally because once the crystals absorbing capacity is crossed; it will start to pile up everything and becomes a mess.

Judge according to what your needs are and do not forget that cats doesn’t like changing the type of litter. So, if you considering on changing the litter then make it very gradually.

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