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jr-cigar-banner2Cigars have already been a significant part of American culture for quite some time. From the 1800s, cigar smoking was extremely common, while cigarettes were comparatively rare. The cigar business was a vital industry, and a lot of the fine cigars in america were imported from Cuba, the cigar haven around the globe. After President John, however. F. Kennedy imposed a ban on imports from Cuba on account of political reasons, cigar sales took a back seat. During that time, cigarette sales gathered quickly. Purchasing Cuban cigars became illegal in the usa. Unfortunately, cuban cigars were probably the most commonly smoked cigars and were the favorites of most American cigar smokers. Although, many Americans sought to illegally purchase Cuban cigars, many also select the easier solution and moved to cigarettes that have been freely obtainable in the American market.

Through the mid to late 1990s, several cultural phenomena caused the popularity of cigar smoking to skyrocket once again in the United States. The unexpected resurrection in cigar smoking launched a demand which was hard to meet considering the few cigar brands available. Moreover, the implication of America’s Cuban trade prohibition, imposed nearly thirty years earlier — well before lots of the new cigar aficionados were born — became very obviously a hurdle. Many cigar retailers made an effort to maximize the craze and may name a value on nearly every type of cigar. Slowly, a variety of cigar manufacturers in the country arose so did the sales of cigars. Cigars sales soon arrived in competition with cigarette sales from the United States.

There may be still an excellent need for cigars across the country and also the sales of cigars continue to be looming large.

JR Cigar is your place for an extraordinary smoking experience. They dedicated staff of cigar experts has gathered a gigantic, unrivaled inventory of fine cigars, accessories like humidors and lighters, as well as domestic/imported pipe tobacco to accommodate your distinct tastes.

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