Custom Invitations, labels, stickers


Remember sticker collections? There were swollen stickers, scratch ‘n sniff stickers, sparkly stickers, and peel off stickers of your favorite comic characters. Well, peel off stickers – or labeling – have a spot in the “grown up” world as well.

You’ve probably imprinted out your own tags from your computer’s expression processing program – address labels, labels for marking data file folders, or when you’ve finally obtained around to organizing your vinyl or baseball card series. There are, however, businesses that can supply you with individualized stickers with a turnaround almost as fast as your desktop printer… and far nicer. Personalized stickers have a wide array of uses, too – what can you use them for?

Profit Address Labels

Regardless of whether you run a home-based business, direct your school’s PTA, or you’re organising a wedding, pre-printed return street address labels are very helpful. While you can turn to that particular trusty old term processor and make your very own, you can order return address labels that not only feature one of hundreds of graphics to choose from but also come in a wide array of typefaces and type colors. For thank you cards right after weddings, bridal baths, baby showers or birthday parties, you can order your personalized return address labels to match your invitations for a neat, coordinated look.

Gift Tags

Every Christmas or Hannukah, it’s the same thing: you’re surrounded by dozens of gifts, and now you’re trying to mark every and each one with a felt-tip marker. Of course the ink smudges, and now your gifts all come from “an ink blob.” Instead, use professionally printed personalized stickers embellished with a holiday graphic and your family’s name, and your gifts will look as nice on the outside as they do under the wrapping paper. And, no more ink blobs!

Party Favors

It’s hard work, and one of the host’s responsibilities is making sure every guest gets their favor bag, though throwing a party is fun. The easiest way to mark your party favor bags or individual favors is with personalized stickers, even though Throwing a party is fun. Again, you can get these to match your party invitations for a coordinated party theme. This is an easy-to-use idea for any type of party: birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, or for the holidays.

There are a dozen more uses for personalized labels, such as place cards for parties or formal dinners, to add the finishing touch to envelopes, or for marking game cards at parties. Pre-printed personalized stickers offer you the versatility of a label printed at home with the finished touch you can only get from a professional printer.

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