How a Custom Sign Catches and Keeps Attention

Your Custom Sign Leaves You In the Back Of People’s Minds

You can probably remember Alka-Seltzer’s timeless jingle. You know when you pass a McDonald’s just from the whiff of French fries seeping through the window. What about your favorite home improvement store – what sensory memory brings it to mind? Maybe the image of a bright orange custom sign? A purple one? Depends on you, of course, but once strong imagery plants itself in your head, it’s hard to get it out!

Since you’re unlikely to have your own jingle, and your business probably doesn’t rely on fragrance in luring customers, a custom sign with your own imagery is a great way to move into people’s minds and stay there.

First, Catch People’s Attention With a Unique Logo On Your Custom Sign

If your business or organization does not yet have its own logo, think about creating one. A logo is a simple graphic that represents your business. Once people associate you with an image, they are reminded of your product or service every time they see it, which they will on your custom sign.

A logo doesn’t have to be elaborate – a few stylized shapes can bring your business to life on your custom sign.

If you don’t already have a logo, or don’t know how to design one, our graphics department can help you come up with the perfect image to represent your company on your custom sign.

Second, Keep Their Attention With Eye-Catching Colors On Your Custom Sign

Having colors that represent your business or organization is not only good for team morale, it tells people who your employees are, should they wear anything bearing company colors. Vivid colors also leave a lasting impression on both potential and repeat customers in identifying your business. Remember the bright orange home improvement store? Brilliant use of color, literally! We can do the same for your own custom business sign.

Again, if you’re out of ideas, don’t worry! Sign professional graphic designers help you choose the most memorable colors for your custom sign.

Third, Let Them See Your Attention-Drawing Sign, Not Read It!

Yes, words are necessary, and in some forms of advertising, very effective. But on your sign, we advise clients to keep words to a minimum. Remember – signs are made for quick glances as people drive by your building at 25, 35, even 65 miles per hour!

If you want them to absorb and retain your business’s message at such speeds, then keep words to a simple name or very short phrase. Take a moment and draw to mind the logos of a fast food restaurant, a computer, and a running shoe. Are words even necessary to remember them? Let your sign’s powerful imagery do all the work!

Finally, Use the Right Material to Best Show-Off Your Custom Sign

Not all signs are created equal, so the type of sign material you need will depend on where you plan to display it and for how long. All of our signs are extremely durable, weather-resistant, and of professional quality. However, some custom signage, such as vinyl banners, are intended for temporary use, while others, such as aluma-wood signs, are used for high-endurance outdoor exposure.

We know of a few websites that offer details regarding sign materials, but if you need assistance, please just let us know! Good sign professionals are here to help you select and design a professional, high-quality sign.

Custom Signs Are Always on the Customer’s Mind

It is virtually impossible to forget a powerful image on a custom business sign. Quick – think of your favorite discount store. See? If you want customers and clients to not only recognize you but remember you, just take these steps:

  • Use a simple but unique logo to represent your business or organization
  • Splash that logo with vivid color that can’t help but remind people of your product
  • Keep words short and simple – these are signs, not radio jingles!
  • Select an appropriate sign material on which to display your professional, memorable custom sign.

And let that company sign attract customers like the scent of Starbuck’s coffee on a rainy day!

Short-Term Exposure, Long-Term Effects

A custom sign that is not only able to identify your business but stay in people’s minds long after they’ve passed by your sign is exactly what you want. The next time someone needs your product or service, don’t you want that person to imagine your logo before they even start to think?

A quality custom business sign with a professional design will put you – and keep you – on the customer’s mind!

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