Depression and Anxiety – Online Counseling

Anxiety and depression often go together hand in hand. Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether a person suffers from depression with symptoms of anxiety or anxiety issues that are result in depression. Depression and anxiety online counseling is available to deal with this complex issue and is suitable for people who, as part of their condition, cannot leave their homes or find it very uncomfortable meeting people face to face.

Interactive Counseling
The most common form of depression and anxiety online counseling is by email. The popularity of this form of communication is that emails can be sent at your convenience whenever you have free time to do so. Replies can be read and re-read at any convenient time and neither is there any need to take time off work. Another popular form of depression and anxiety online counseling is through live chat sessions. These sessions can be arranged so they don’t clash with any other commitments.

Self Help
Self help depression and anxiety online counseling is usually in the form of media specially written to help a sufferer obtain relief and ultimately receive healing. Media is usually in the form of eBooks, which can be readily downloaded. They are mostly produced by one-time sufferers and provide tried and tested methods of treatment. They can therefore be incredibly helpful.

There are several benefits to depression and anxiety online counseling, some of which we have briefly touched on. The first and perhaps the most important is stress reduction. Because sessions can be scheduled whenever convenient the stress involved in a taking time off work and getting to a suitable clinic is eliminated. In addition, email records provide a great way for planning and reviewing progress and identifying areas that perhaps need more attention. Research has shown that waiting times by 25 percent. In addition, more than three in five people do not need to continue treatment past eight sessions. This allows patients to be discharged more quickly with the added advantage of a reduction in the use of drugs.

Depression and anxiety online counseling may not be suitable for some sufferers. Counselors and clients have less opportunity to build up relational depth. In addition, counselors are unable to use visual cues to assess the progress and emotional well being of a client. A further factor is that e-therapy, for a lack of better word can be impersonal.

Depression and anxiety online counseling allows one to schedule treatment at ones convenience. This form of counseling has been proven to be effective in cutting waiting times and faster discharge from treatment. There is also self help media written mostly by former sufferers which also allow effective therapy and treatment.

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