How Easily Can You Shift Your E-Store to BigCommerce?

Online marketing has changed the scenario of selling and buying products. Since consumers have become mobile-friendly, companies also start launching their store on mobile platforms to offer an easy access. There are many names available in the market that helps you build a store online and open your shop for customers. BigCommerce is the most suitable option among all and it comes up with an array of features. With the help of this e-commerce platform, you not only build your e-store but also get new ideas and strategies for promoting your shop to the target market.

BigCommerce builds your store, takes care of shipping and payment options, and sells your products on the reputed channels. So, BigCommerce comes up with the much-needed solution to online marketing. Many companies want less responsibility while handling online marketing strategies. For them, BigCommerce comes up with the real benefit. The features and tools help you manage your store and track your sales record easily.

Having an e-store always boosts your profit-making goal. When you have an e-store in the online marketing scenario, you can directly communicate with your target group and can make your product more user-friendly. Due to the benefits of BigCommerce, many companies show their desire to shift to the platform for encouraging their business opportunities. But, moving to a new platform is a challenging job. There are many risks involved in it. This is why companies often ignore the migration and compromise with the innovative approaches. Here are a few myths that halt the growth of a business. BigCommerce offers you the right solution to them and makes the idea of shifting clear to you. Take the right decision for the future of your company.

Myth 1 – Transferring your store to another platform lowers your sale:

BigCommerce strategically plans everything. It also ensures that your store stays open always at the time of migration. If you miss a sale opportunity, the e-commerce platform misses something more than that. Since consumer satisfaction comes first in their rulebook, they will not allow this problem to exist.

The professional team continues to work in the backend and gives you an option to customize your store. They also test your store before launching it to the public. During these all processes, your original store remains open at the existing platform so that you can count every profit.

Myth 2 – You will lose the design of your store after the migration:

If you like the design of your store the most, you don’t need to change it. BigCommerce protects your designing element and helps you keep the look of the store same. BigCommerce Open Template File offers you a custom designing element, and the designing pattern allows you to retain the same design of your store. All things happen seamlessly.

Myth 3 – You lose traffic when you re-platform your store:

Selecting a new server for your store may lower your traffic count, but you can avoid it with BigCommerce. Migrating from one place to another has an impact on the search engine ranking if you choose platforms other than BigCommerce.

This e-commerce place updates their rules with the trend and offers the best solution to you. With the help of advanced strategies, they can successfully minimize the risks attached to it. They use 301 redirect options for product and category pages. They use the same search ranking foundation that you have used on the previous platform. Thus, you can avoid the problem associated with the loss of traffic.

Myth 4 – You can clone your store on a new platform:

Every e-commerce option has some unique features. They work differently to set up your store. So when you re-platform your shop to another place, changes are inevitable. BigCommerce helps you transfer the maximum data so that you can maintain the same appeal of your store. A complete cloning is not possible, but you will get many benefits to promote your e-shop.

The new store offers you an array of opportunities that widen your business exposure. Embrace the new shop and plan marketing strategies.

BigCommerce is the best name for opening your e-store. If you are an existing e-commerce company, you can consider the benefits of this platform. Shifting will not take a long time and you can easily open your store on this advanced platform.


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