Is it True You Can Earn Great Cash and Win Prizes with Paid Surveys

Is it really true that you can earn cash and win great prizes by taking paid surveys online? That’s one of the most frequently asked questions about paid surveys. Since there are so many critics of paid surveys, many people have doubted whether taking surveys is a waste of time or not. However, the paid survey industry is expanding, recruiting more and more paid survey takers. How much can you really make with online surveys?

There are differences between what rewards survey companies offer to the survey respondents. Some survey companies mainly offer lotteries, free trials of different online products, or free subscriptions to some other commercial sites. There are also survey sites that offer you cash incentives to complete particular surveys, and these cash rewards may vary from a couple of dollars to $50 or more, depending on the difficulty of the survey and the time estimated to complete it. Some survey companies also offer different non-cash incentives in the form of gift certificates, shopping vouchers, free software and even merchandise that is shipped to you. Different people like different rewards, and that is why they subscribe to different survey sites. However, everyone likes cash, and that’s why most people prefer to earn solid cash for supplying their feedback.

Cash per survey may vary substantially. Well, of course, survey companies will advertise with their top-payouts and rarely mention that you can actually earn as little as a couple of bucks per survey. But that’s the case with every other business that advertises, after all. Moreover, a couple of dollars every day per survey still make some $100 in a month and a half or two months, which you can invest reasonable in making a purchase for your house, buying your partner a present, or taking your spouse out to dinner. Therefore, earning cash is always meaningful, no matter the speed. Taking surveys cannot substitute a full-time income, but it can add some additional cash to your account. Affording more for spending as little as 10 minutes, on average, of your time is really worth it. Besides, you have no other commitment apart from supplying your feedback within the time limits of the survey. No matter what you win with paid surveys, whether cash, prizes or free online services, it’s worth it the few minutes of your free time.

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