Do Electronic Dog Repellers Really Work And If So How?

I have been asked many times by many customers whether or not a particular item really works and the one product that seems to elicit that question the most is the electronic dog repeller. For whatever reason people are leery of accepting the fact that a dog could be deterred with nothing more than noise and light, especially when that noise isn’t even audible to humans. So to answer this question and put to bed any doubts about electronic dog repellers the answer is indubitably yes, they do work. With that said these repellers have limitations and should by no means be the be all and end all in protecting yourself from a canine attack. Nor should one go looking to test these things in a real life situation as once again, they do have their limitations and are not guaranteed to save your hide should you find yourself being attacked by a rabid dog. Of course having such a device is immensely helpful as they can be very effective and certainly much better than having no defense at all.

Electronic dog repellers have some pros and cons in comparison to pepper spray, which is another other popular self-defense weapon against dogs. First and foremost, the electronic dog repeller has a better range from which to be effective in deterring dogs. The ultra-high frequency squeal and flashing strobe that most of these repellers have can be effective from quite a distance whereas a pepper spray really only has an effective range of 6-8 feet in most cases. The con is that if a dog has decided it is going to attack you and is in a full charge I think the pepper spray will prove to be a much more effective deterrent as spray will literally blind the dog temporarily and cause it intense yet temporary pain whereas the electronic repeller will cause no actual pain or blindness. The electronic dog repeller’s high-frequency squeal and flashing strobe are meant only to confuse the dog, which makes it very effective if the dog is at a distance of say 50-100 feet. The dog repeller in fact is so humane an alternative that it can also be used to help train dogs in a humane yet effective manner. That is, once again, because the repeller does not harm the dog nor causes it pain in any way (other than maybe hurting its ears at a close distance).

So if you live in a neighborhood where dogs are present, especially if you are a runner or just like to take walks in the area, please do yourself a favor and consider a dog repellent of some kind. An electronic dog repeller can and will be effective so it would not hurt to consider obtaining one.

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