Should I Buy an Electronic or Power Tootbrush?

Been wondering if you should get an power toothbrush also known as a electric toothbrush?

Studies shows that power toothbrushes with rotating-oscillating heads can remove significantly additional more plaque than a normal everyday toothbrush. As plaque hardens over time, it must be removed by a dentist, but if it is caught early, an electric toothbrush can completely remove existing plaque and ensure that no new plaque builds up thus protecting you in the future. While a normal toothbrush can do the same thing, the power brush can easily get into nooks and crannies near the gum line where plaque normally hides.

Electric toothbrushes can reach back teeth and other difficult-to-reach spots without much hassle. The area around the back molars and on the back of the front teeth is often missed when using a normal toothbrush. An power brush needs only to be passed over the area to do its work all on its own. This ensures a more thorough cleaning in those areas that often draw plaques and germs.

Power toothbrushes can also prevent gum disease. Gum disease can be caused by plaque buildup at the gum line. In its earliest form, gingivitis, the buildup can cause the gums to turn red and swollen and lots of the time even bleeds. When gingivitis goes untreated, it becomes periodontitis, which is a serious infection of the gum tissue and the bone. It can cause loss of teeth and even more systemic infections. A power toothbrush removes plaque at the gum line with its oscillating action, preventing gingivitis.

Power toothbrushes can be gentler on enamel than normal brushes. Surprisingly dentists found that most people brush their teeth too hard, not too soft. This can abrade the enamel on teeth and cause sensitivity. Because there is no need to press hard with an electric toothbrush, the enamel is protected.

Electronic toothbrushes can help children brush more thoroughly without more work. Children are notorious for not brushing long enough or well enough even if they think they do. A power toothbrush can overcome some of these deficiencies because kids do not have to remember which way to brush.

Power toothbrushes do more work than normal toothbrushes in the exact same amount of time. Power brushes are simply more efficient at the task than your hand could ever be. Because the rotating heads brush in different directions with different motions, they can more effectively clean the teeth than a straight up-and-down motion can. They also do it faster as the heads rotate more quickly than most people can brush.

Power toothbrushes can clean dental appliances better than a manual brush. People who have braces or wires bonded on to their teeth often find brushing difficult as food and plaque can build up around the devices. A power brush works in multiple directions and can clean around these barriers more effectively.

Power toothbrushes can stimulate blood flow in the gums. Healthy gums needs good blood flow. A power brush massages gums and stimulates blood flow throughout the gums. Healthy gums safeguard teeth and keep them strong and healthy.

Power toothbrushes are gentler on dental work. Dental work like crowns and caps require gentle handling with a toothbrush. Because manual brushing can be abrasive to teeth when done too vigorously, breakage and loosening of dental work can result. An electric toothbrush can ensure that the area is cleaned well with little pressure.

Power toothbrushes can help those with mobility problems. People with arthritis in the joints of their hands and other illnesses that make holding of a toothbrush hard find that an power brush is easier to use around the mouth and that they do not have to press as hard to get a better result

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