Tips For Buying Engagement Rings at Low Costs

Because engagement rings consist of many features, the final cost of the rings usually goes higher for a buyer who is not well versed in the cost-effective ways of the shopping. There are expenses to be made on diamonds, metal band, settings and engravings and many more. Instead of rushing to a jeweler’s shop in excitement, better follow some tips.

Budget is the first preparation you must be making prior to heading to the market for the shopping. Ensure that you have a saving of equivalent to your salary of two months. But that is not a strict rule to follow. Better, first know the current price range of the rings. You can have a rough idea of the prices on internet.

After you have a clear picture of how much you can spend on engagement rings, know about the choice of your bride-to-be. If she does not want to shop with you for the ring for certain reasons, then get the indication of her choice of designs and colors by observing the jewelry she often wears on her neck, ears and hands.

The next, but main part of buying the ring is to make an extensive search for the ring of her choice. in searching such a jewelry piece, you should not loose focus on the price range you have already fixed according to the budget.

Usually, online retail jewelers are the source of low cost jewelry products. These jewelers do not spend much on overheads and they can always pass on the benefits to the customers. On wedding season, they will cut the prices even more to make the maximum business. So, scan as many online sellers as you can for engagement rings. Compare them to find out which one is offering you the ring of your choice at lower prices. But know the jeweler’s return policy so that you can return the ring on time if you receive a damaged ring or it is not up to your requirements of the design.

Another way to lower the costs is to make the engagement rings on your own. However, you must ensure that the cost of handcrafting the jewelry does not go higher. The advantage of designing of the ring is that you have the option of selecting a loose diamond with invisible flaws at low prices or a diamond with side blemishes at further lowered prices and you can cover the blemishes by metal on the ring.

If budget is the main concern, then make sure that the diamond weight is less than one carat. Or, you can opt for smaller diamonds that are sold at cheaper prices. Ask the jeweler to cut the diamond in such a way that the costs are within your budget. A rectangle or square shape of the diamond is less expensive as compared to heart and pear.

Ask the jeweler about various settings as well. Though the jeweler gives you the choice of prong, pave, bezel, channel and other settings, but specifically ask him to set in such a way that the diamond gets the protection and the costs too do not exceed the budget.

If you follow these basics of shopping for engagement rings, you are most likely to own an affordable and yet a glittering piece of jewelry.

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