Is Facial Hair Unhealthy for Men Or Is It Just Bad Grooming Practices?

Generally speaking, donning facial hair is not unhealthy for men. In fact it is a great way to protect the skin from the elements and it may also serve cosmetic purposes such as enhancing a man’s features or covering scarring from acne. But what is unhealthy however, is the way in which men may care for their facial hair or lack of it, as it were.

Unhygienic grooming practices by men are possibly the main cause for what may seem like ‘unhealthy facial hair’ or ‘unhealthy facial skin’. And there are numerous things that men do that can produce several complications with skin and actually could have nothing to do with the growth of facial hair. Shaving is among one of the things some men do on a regular basis, so temporary cuts and scars, and even razor burns are not uncommon.

But some cuts are deeper than others and before they could properly heal, it’s time for another shave. Shaving on a regular basis, even when skin if broken and irritated, can cause infections, ingrown hairs and even warts. What’s more is that many men reuse shavers and razors, and improper sanitizing and cleansing of the tools used for shaving can not only infect broken skin, but can also irritate skin that has been previously unaffected by the same shaver.

Apart from unhygienic practices, many men fall into the trap of believing that tending to one’s skin is not ‘manly’, and so skin is left to soap and water and sharp blades or harsh grooming tools. So the usual build-up of dead skin cells, oil and bacteria is made worse by neglect and incautious grooming practices. The use of exfoliating products, moisturizers and sun screens are also ignored, so ingrown hairs or bumpy, uneven skin could be the result of improper skin care practices rather than facial hair.

But possibly one of the biggest reasons many people who second guess the growth of facial hair is because those who don it, especially those who don a beard, can look very unkempt at times and complain of itchiness. Again, it may not be the actual growth of facial hair, but improper grooming practices in general. Trimming and washing facial hair is important not only to maintain the look or style of the facial hair, but also for health in general.

Now there are a small minority of men who seem to react badly to facial hair; either to its growth or to its removal. Some men just simply cannot stand the feel or look of facial hair, and in some rare cases, some men cannot grow facial hair or grow enough facial hair for a style. Other men, especially those with very sensitive skin, seem to react badly to having facial hair removed, even if in the most delicate way. Their skin becomes severely irritated either by the process of removing the hair, or when the hair is growing back. In such cases, men are better off sporting facial hair, but even so, it should always be properly groomed and well cared for.

But for the vast majority of men, facial hair is not unhealthy, it is a simple matter of how it is cared for and presented.

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