Great Gift Ideas for the Fashionista: Shoes

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but shoes are definitely giving them a run for their money. For the Fall/Winter season of 2010 and 2011, there are several trends in shoes that are taking precedence over other fashions. For example, fur boots present the perfect blend of functionality and fun. Those created by Chanel and Lanvin are especially popular amongst fashionistas this year. This year it is all about the fun details to be found in shoes, like laced up boots, shoes with buckles, and chunky heels. Thigh high boots are retaining their popularity this season as well. Roberto Cavalli and Burberry Prossum are the must have designers for thigh high boots. To brighten up the appearance of their footwear, more and more designers this season are choosing a combination of colors, like brown with red and pink with yellow. The color is just another method of adding interesting detail to the shoe.

Since the fashionista is already familiar with the shoe trends for this season, the question becomes…Where do you buy these fabulous shoes? provides the perfect solution. This company, which was founded by Kim Kardashian, requires a new user to fill out a “style profile”. Gathering from this information, fashion experts create a selection of five different pairs of shoes or handbags for the fashionista to choose from each month. As a client of Shoe Dazzle, an individual does not have to worry about paying shipping fees on their chosen product. If she does not like the item she has chosen, she can simply return it with a preprinted shipping label included in the package. The services offered by Shoe Dazzle cost approximately $39.99 each month.

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