Fast Success For Belkin

Continually Belkin has set growth records. They have had multiple listings in the Los Angeles Business Journal for “Fastest Privately Held Companies,” along with “Inner City Top 100.” Inc. Magazine has also awarded them with the Hall of Fame award in 2003 and listed them twice for the “500 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in the U.S.”

This rapidly growing company started out in a garage in California in 1983. Chet Pipkin and Mark Reynoso were owners and the only 2 employees for the first year, earning over $100,000. Today the company has had amazing growth with over 1,000 employees located around the world, and sales revenues of over $1 billion.

Products that have the Belkin brand are: Media player accessories, laptop accessories, wired and wireless networking devices, cables, hubs, power accessories, home theater accessories, gaming peripherals, upgrade cards, and data center solutions. This fast growing electronic manufacturer indeed has a diverse product line up.

This company has made a mark in the connectivity and cabling aspects of electronics. Many of their products can be found in homes and businesses alike. Networking interface adapters, routers, cables, Ethernet switches, hubs, and consoles for businesses and home use can all be found under the connectivity and cable department.

Belkin also specializes in “KVM” (keyboard, video, and mouse) sharing solutions. This specialized product allows users to use one keyboard, video display, and mouse control several computers. The amount of computers in an enterprise would need to control is far different than a small business or home would need to control. Therefore, they designed a smaller KVM product that can control 2 to 4 computers from a single console, and the larger KVM that can control hundreds of computers. These include all cabled, wireless, and remote versions of computers.

From starting out in a garage this company has accomplished many things. The fast growing success of Belkin will continue to take this company to the top making its way in the technology world.

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