Fathead Wall Graphics – A Unique Gift For Sports Fans

Searching for a distinctive gift to get a sports fan? Fathead wall graphics come up with a life-sized statement and can add game day excitement to your rooms.

Big, bold, and colorful – these 3D cling graphics bring the action alive thus making you think that you might be section of the game, competing alongside your chosen athletes. Fatheads are constructed with high tear, fade and quality resistant vinyl and appear so authentic that this players appear to jump from the wall to you. And also, since they may be moved with no damage to walls, they are often easily rearranged when you expand your collection, which makes them an ideal gift for fans of each and every age.

You can find lots of different products from which to choose for nearly every college and professional team, with options including from team logos, helmets, posters, furniture, balls and murals as well as the lifespan-sized replicas of sport’s best superstars.

Transform your game room in to a football field, turn your t.v. room in to a basketball court, or join the ‘boys of summer’ in America’s greatest pastime. If you are a dedicated sports fan, they are a perfect keepsake or collectible item, and look great almost anywhere, especially.

Don’t have room for these particular huge wall decorations? Because the graphics come in a variety of sizes that will accommodate any location from a bedroom to a dorm room, and even a locker that’s alright.

Fathead Junior: About 3 feet tall, these graphics still make an impact and provide the same good quality, hi-def options that come with their really big counterparts. Great for smaller doors and spaces, or perhaps windows, Juniors aredurable and removable, bold enough to face alone yet may also produce a great accessory for any collection.

Fathead Teammates: Measuring one foot square, Teammates are just a lesser version from the life-sized Fatheads and will be linked to any surface including desks, fridges, office cubicles, and cabinets. Considering they are reusable and simply moved, you can preserve them up at all times or store them in the off-season. These smaller, less expensive versions make perfect gifts or prizes.

Fathead Tradeables: The tiniest in the options, Tradeables are 5×7 peel and stick decals that are fantastic for kids. Available in a number of team and players helmets, they are made using the same quality since the products and can be reused and removed, causing them to be great for notebooks, lockers, or sports equipment. Tradeables may be found in packs of5 and 3, or 10, and each and every features a secret code that may be entered on the site to perform games. Whether you save them, stick them, or trade them, these mini decals bring new meaning to sports trading cards.

You can design a team-themed games room with life-sized Fathead wall graphics complete with a Dream seat Recliner so you can watch the game in VIP style. Alternatively, choose one of the alternate options that make a bold statement in a smaller space. And because of so many bargains on the net, there is not any better gift for your sports fan in your daily life.

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