How Thumbtack Can Help You Find Local Service Provider

Thumbtack is one of the premiere websites out there helping consumers connect with various professionals they might need. In addition to finding doctors, lawyers and other professionals, this website allows users to find contractors for any type of need they might have. What can you find at Thumbtack?

First, you’ll find that more than 1 million registered consumers make use of the website on a regular basis and provide valuable feedback on local contractors. The site is simple and easy to use. The main page gives you some options, that help to ensure that new users are acquainted with the way in which the website works. The website also offers users a certified data collection process for accuracy and viability for reviews in each listing, live call center support, help if something goes wrong with a contractor and unlike many other review sites, none of the reviews are anonymous.

Thumbtack is an incredible option for those in need of a professional, whether that’s a plumber for a leaky faucet or a general contractor for home additions, because of the website’s community and solid customer service.

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