Finding the Right Domain Name

Include a Keyword

Be sure to include a keyword. In order to get traffic for your site, the first thing you should do is to visit Google keyword tool to identify keywords which are receiving steady traffic. This is a top-notch resource for finding keywords according to the amount of traffic they receive. Ideally, you should be seeing 5000-20000 unique visitors per month for the keyword you choose.

Make it Memorable

Don’t use any numbers, capital letters, or dashes. These are nearly impossible to remember for people surfing for your site. Also, make sure that it’s pronounced as exactly as it is spelled.

Give Customers a Visual

Make sure that your customers are easily able to visualize your site’s domain name. If your keyword is “health eBook store” then you should make sure that you are able to paint a picture in their mind of what it would look like. Let them know that it exists, and make it easy to understand.

Keep it Short

A short but descriptive name is the easiest to remember. People like to be able to easily find your website and reach the homepage with a few clicks if possible. With the right amount of effort, it’s possible to strike the happy medium between a need for keywords and brevity.

Domain name registration is a challenge for anyone to find the right name and get the results they want. But, finding a domain name makes it more likely for your site to be brandable and easily noticed by people browsing for your site online. Domain name registration with a reputable registrar such as Namecheap can ensure that your site is easily accessible.

Brief Namecheap Review

Namecheap is a registrar which is well-established and offers reasonable domain registration prices. With Namecheap, you are able to register your domain name for as little as $3.98 which is an incredible bargain.

The process of registering a domain name is incredibly simple and requires very little skill. There is adequate protection and managing the domain is a snap with their control panel. Aside from domains, Namecheap offers plenty of other services such as web hosting, email, and websites. They also have a marketplace to make it easier for you to sell your domain names.

One thing to be aware of though, is that most of the time domain name registrars will charge a higher price for your domain name on it’s renewal date. The next time you buy a domain for only $3.98, rest assured, you will not pay that price on your yearly renewal date.

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