Flower of the Month

Flowers convey many messages to many people. They say I love you, I’m sorry, I miss you, and I’m thinking of you, good luck, and happy holiday or birthday and so much more. Flower of the month clubs go a step further and continue to share their intended message month after month for as long as the sender desires. Flowers also bring a touch of beauty and wonderful scent to your home when you keep fresh ones displayed. Many people choose flower of the month subscriptions for their own homes in order to enjoy the beauty of flowers continuously.

Flower of the month clubs vary in what they offer. Some send various floral arrangements based on the amount of money being spent on the arrangement while others send fresh cut flowers that the recipient can arrange according to their own tastes.

Flower of the month clubs can be chosen based on the type of flowers as well. For example, there are seasonal bouquet clubs that send flowers that are in season, rose clubs that send a different type of rose each month and even tropical flower of the month clubs that send gorgeous tropical flowers for as many months as you choose.

Flower of the month clubs can be a beautiful gift to send a family member who has been moved to a convalescent home or has to have an extended rehabilitation stay. Husbands and boyfriends who find themselves needing to do some heavy apologizing or just want to say “I love you” can send their lady a monthly subscription and keep her smiling over and over again.

One of the best-known flower of the month clubs is EnjoyFlowers, FTD Flowers and Roses club. 1-800-Flowers is another well-known name in flower of the month clubs and like FTD Flowers and Roses offers free shipping on flower of the month deliveries.

As with other monthly subscription club, you can choose from three six and twelve month durations. The flowers you receive will depend on the club you choose, such as exotics, orchids, roses or an assortment. When reading the details you need to make sure you know what you are paying for in advance. If you want fresh cut that you can arrange then make sure you are getting fresh cut flowers, not prearranged. On the other hand, if you prefer arrangements make sure that is what you are getting and what type of container you receive.

There are a few things you should check when signing up for a flower of the month club. Some, such as FTD, have a one-time service charge of up to $15 per order while others do not. Most include free shipping but this is something you need to verify before ordering.

No matter which flower of the month club you choose you or your intended recipient is sure to be thrilled when they receive their flower delivery every month. There’s something special about seeing the flower delivery truck pull up with a gift just for you. It puts a smile on even the saddest face.

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