Frequently Asked Questions About Online STD Testing

stdCheck250x250Even less computer-savvy people today are starting to increase at ease with the notion of going online. From email to chat groups to social media sites, the net has gradually become an integral part of many people’s daily existences. With regards to online commerce, the majority of people right now are employed to the notion of purchasing anything from diapers to groceries to health care products from the Internet, and because of online search engine oriented marketing, it’s incredibly easy for consumers to obtain the products they want in the jiffy. Although e-commerce is really a thriving element of the economy, you can still find items and merchandise that a lot of people may be below comfortable purchasing online. One could be STD Testing. We could locate an very reputable online company that facilitates STD testing in ways that is both confidential and convenient, and there are lots of advantages to ordering STD tests online, many people are definitely less apt to accomplish this as opposed to others. To make customers at ease with the notion of purchasing STD tests online, Tracey answers these frequently asked questions regarding his business:

Are STD tests ordered online really reliable?

Yes, any STD test ordered is as reliable being a test a doctor would administer. The corporation partners with many of the most reputable testing facilities in America to ensure all test outcomes are extremely accurate, usually the same national labs utilized by your doctor. Additionally, the organization has a variety of doctors on staff to examine test results and present consultations as necessary.

Are STD tests ordered online really confidential?

The same as your medical professional in a few states, must report good success beyond doubt STDs. Ordering online allows customers to control information provided, however. The business also utilizes several mechanisms to safeguard customers. Each time a customer requests his lab-based tests throughout the website, he or she is assigned the patient ID number that corresponds to particular current email address. In order to protect the patient’s true identity, this ID number will appear on a laboratory test requisition form in lieu of an actual name. Nondescript labels will also be useful for e-mail credit and correspondence card receipts.

If a person doesn’t know which STDs to get tested for, what happens?

So that you can help customers select which STDs they should get tested for, will be the only online STD testing company to utilize a staff of professional counselors whose job is to assist understand their STD symptoms and risks. The business even offers medical doctors readily available that can be called upon for advice as necessary.

Is online STD testing expensive?

In order to protect customer privacy, the cost per test can be greater than a simple insurance company copayment, since does not work with insurance companies. The cost of online STD testing is still quite reasonable, and per-test discounts are offered to customers who choose to get tested in bulk.

How fast can online STD testing be administered?

When a customer has ordered his STD tests, he could simply print his laboratory requisition form and jump on to his local testing facility. Since appointments aren’t necessary, a client might have his blood sample taken on the very same day that places his online order. Even without having appointment, the lab visit generally only takes about 10-fifteen minutes beginning to end, making the method extremely convenient and simple.

Just how long can it use to get STD test results?

stdCheck300x50Most customers should expect to get their test results within three business events of their respective testing facility visits. Occasionally, customers might receive STD test results inside of forty-eight hours.

Since you now are aware of the basics about online STD testing, you are able to feel safe with the knowledge that by ordering your tests online, you’ll receive exactly the same service that anything good physician would certainly provide. Needless to say, for a few people, the idea of ordering STD tests on the web is still rather foreign. Those who do choose to use the Internet to their health’s advantage can certainly benefit from the convenience and privacy inherent in online STD testing, however.

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