Games to Play at Direct Sales Party

When throwing a direct sale party, you want to keep it casual and fun. A good way to excite your potential customers and keep them content during the party is with a few games. Games should do two things: lighten the atmosphere and give your customers a chance to get something free. Everyone likes free stuff and if you can give them a product from your sales line it only makes them feel more obligated to place an order at the end of the party.

A few of the games that are simple and inexpensive to do that work well for parties are 1) maze game and 2) the story game. The maze game is simple and only costs a couple cents for each customer. Find a rather simple maze and print off enough copies for each customer. The game is easy… the first one to complete the maze wins the prize. You want to use an inexpensive prize from your product line. DO NOT use a prize that isn’t your direct sales company’s product. You want to use something that costs perhaps two to five dollars from your catalog. If you don’t have these items on hand, just let the winner know that you will add that prize to their order at the end and you will give it to them for free. Then you can just pay for the prize when placing the order.

The story game is simple and also inexpensive. This is why these two are the best games to play at direct sales parties. For the story game, all you need to do is have a few paragraphs that tell about the company you represent. Then, choose a word from that story, such as the company’s name. Now, give the first person the prize. Tell the group that each time you say the company’s name in the story, they are to pass the prize to their left around the circle. Each time you say the company’s name, they will pass the prize off. The person that has the prize at the end of the story wins it. A very simple and effective game.

Be creative, come up with your own games if you’d like. Remember, the two goals are to lighten the mood and make the customers excited and happy. Happy customers are the ones that will be willing to spend the money when it comes time for ordering. Also remember to only give prizes from YOUR CATALOG. People that win prizes will tell others how they won it and word will spread about your direct sales business and products. I hope these games to play at direct sales party help bring your parties fun and extra orders!

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