Consumers Save 50-90% With Groupon

What is a Groupon?

Every day there are amazing deals on fun stuff for singles and families, food, sightseeing, gifts, and music. Enjoy discounts on Theatre performances, and even spa treatments in your own local town. Huge discounts of 50-90% off everyday stuff is available by inviting consumers to visit smaller local businesses. The result, lots of great coupon deals for you while businesses get happy customers! By combining social networking or groups of friends and family and coupon deals this new phenomena creates social buying power! These deals are offered by a new nationwide coupon marketing site,

There are no strings attached to save using Groupon deals. Just look up your local city, New York, Chicago, or Albuquerque for example and see what awesome deals are available any day of the week! There are millions of members already a part of Groupon but you can still invite friends and family to get in on the savings.

If you like the coupon deal for the day, simply click the Buy button before the deadline date/time. There is no obligation if the minimum number of Groupon customers haven’t joined in. But if they do you can save at least 50% or more on cool things like weight loss plans, popular diets, laser tag, fitness memberships, and even tasty cupcakes!

You can invite others from Twitter, Facebook or your friend lists to visit

Each business has a specific set of customers they want to reach and if that doesn’t happen then there is no charge. However if say 1,000 people sign up for a $20 Groupon discount off a live concert when the minimum was 500! You’ve got a lot of happy concert goers, Groupon marketing has done its job, and the concert box office enjoys robust ticket sales.

The Groupons have an expiration date which could vary but usually there is more than enough time to redeem your purchase (oftentimes 3 months or more!). The coolest part of Groupon, you aren’t billed right away! The charge only applies when the minimum number of customers have made the purchase. This is not like those coupon deals where you get a huge discount if you can buy immediately.

Safe and secure purchasing is assured by Groupon SSL credit card processing. No credit card info is stored and if you check the site here you’ll see that Groupon has been reviewed by media such as Forbes, Time, the Wall Street Journal, Fox, ABC, NBC, Time, CBS, Glamour, and many, many more!

Refunds are available in the case a business closes down or coupon expiration.

If you decide to buy a Groupon, an email is sent with a Groupon coupon attached. Just print out the Groupon and redeem. A map is even included so you can get there with ease.
There are great gift certificates that you can give to your friends and family. This is especially cool if you have relatives out of state and want to get them a Groupon gift certificate coupon from their own city.

Find out each Groupon Referral gets a credit so it is a good idea to invite your friends and family social buying power! By pooling together consumers create their own savings.

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