2015 Top 5 Halloween Kid’s Costumes

halloween_costumes336x280There are many Halloween costume options this season and through our research we’ve discovered the top 5 costumes for kids. We received over 100 nominees but some costumes were leaps ahead of others. Some of the results will surprise you. Here are the top five costumes for kids during the 2015 Halloween Season

Many votes came in for various Disney characters but one that clearly led the way is for the little princess in your family. The Frozen Classic Elsa Costume is being sought after by little girls across the world. The Elsa costumes will be sold out well ahead of Halloween and this is the best costume available online right now.

Coming in 2nd place is a great costume for both boys and girls. The Frozen Olaf Child Costume is easily a top choice for Halloween Costumes in the US. This is an easy costume to wear and will keep your child warm in colder weather yet breathes well for warmer climates. Kids love this costume as it stays true to the Halloween spirit and the child is covered from head-to-toe.

Kids love Minions. The 3rd best kids costume in 2015 are the Minions from the popular movies and commercials. The best thing about dressing up as a Minion is you can personalize each costume with an accent that your boy or girl will love.

Across the nation there are more and more kids that love Star Wars. Kids love to dress up as their favorite Star Wars characters because there are so many cool characters to choose from. Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Princess Leia have all helped make Star Wars a great Halloween costume selection.

The 2015 Halloween season would not be complete without seeing your son or daughter dressed up as their favorite superhero. From Batman, Spiderman, Ironman or the Hulk all kids love to be their favorite superhero for Halloween. Don’t limit yourself to the costumes that you find in the traditional store.

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