Japanese Swords – Classical Weapons of War


The sword is one of the oldest weaponry used by man. It was actually a weapon of personal combat too the foot troopers and horsemen. It had significant use by the cavalry. Swords from the east possessed a slightly curved form.

The Japanese had a martial tradition and created the sword to a great extant. If one has seen the movie ‘The Last Samurai” one will be able to enjoy the significance of the sword in Japanese culture. No other country had so great a love for the sword as being the Japanese. At the end of the war there were perhaps a million swords in Japan and 70Percent of them found their way to the United States.

Samurai and swords

The Japanese trace the lineage of their swords to just about 600 BC. This really is of course later than the Indian period which offers the history of the sword from 4000 BC. The exponent of the Japanese tradition as far swords was concerned have been the Samurai a class of warriors the like of which the planet has never noticed.

The samurai was an elite type of warriors in whose profession was to combat for the emperor. They came into prominence from about the 12th century and designed a number of swords of varied designs.

Types of Japanese swords

The Samurai used a variety of very long swords. The blade was slightly curved with the edge around the outer side. The sword was light weight, but lethal and was applied by the Samurai to behead the foe in one single heart stroke.

The length of the Japanese swords was measured inside a unit called Shaku. This was roughly equal to about 30.3 centimeters. In accordance with their lengths the Japanese swords were categorized. Generally the long swords used by the Japanese fighters had a length of 2 shaku. The Japanese swords used by the Samurai were shorter compared to the Indian and oriental swords used by the Persians.

The Japanese do have longer swords as well which had measures of 3 shaku or more. They were the swords that were used by the Japanese foot soldiers and also the cavalry. The extended sword made the cavalry more effective and was carried in a buckle tied to the midsection.

The Japanese used the swords not only for fighting but also for rituals like Hara-kiri the art of disemboweling oneself. For this the Japanese used a quicker special sword and is odd to Japanese culture and absolutely nothing like this is seen any where else.

A peculiarity of the eastern side is the curved sword when compared to broad sword of the Europeans. But the oriental sword was more aerodynamic and lethalideal and aerodynamic for use from the cavalry. The swords have now gone out from fashion as weaponry of warriors. They are often found only with enthusiasts and museums. However study is essential to comprehend the evolution of your weapons of the soldier.

One can just unwind and dream of the Samurai warriors advancing in battle because of their curved swords.This is a page that can do not be erased from planet military history.

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