Johnston And Murphy Men’s Shuler Shoe Review


Until nov 2008, Johnston & Murphy was solely a brandname for males. Throughout nov 2008 they released their initial offering for ladies who’ll no longer be excluded from this fine shoes brand. This review is centered on their Shuler model shoe for males. This can be a casual and quite comfortable shoe that is equally ideal for pairing with weekend jeans or khaki workwear.

The Shuler model shoe from Johnston & Murphy will come in both a wear loafer so that as a lace up oxford. It will come in black along with a couple of different shades of brown from the rappel to some deep chocolate. The shoe consists of a supple leather upper along with a rubber sole. The shoe has additional internal padding along with a sheepskin lining to boost moisture absorption.

The specific shoe which was examined with this review would be a saddle tan lace up. This shoe was worn on the weekend while doing a bit of significant walking. The shoe deliver to a lot of comfort during the period of a weekend in which the rater spent several hrs on their own ft. The only provided an sufficient quantity of padding while walking over uneven surfaces and provided a pleasant quantity of moisture absorption.

Review Summary:

Style – 7/10

Comfort – 9/10

Value – 7/10

Cost – $125.00

If you’re searching for an appropriate lace up shoe for casual put on in the office or out around town, the Johnston & Murphy Shuler is really a fine choice and it is highly suggested.