Kids Birthday Party Planning Guide


A special “First” Birthday is a milestone inside your child’s life and needs to be celebrated. They will arrive a point in their lives when it becomes essential for them to know, although your baby is not gonna remember his or her first birthday party. The festivity is equally as necessary for you as mother and father and for all of those family and friends members that will be present in your child’s life for several years to come.

Party Planning Checklist:


1. Select a theme with your youngster

2. Determine the visitor list

3. Reserve your party venue and/or hire a party entertainer

4. Prepare your invitations

5. Require an updated class list from your child’s teacher

6. Determine food selection, games and actions to match your party theme

7. If ordering a cake, place your get


1. Snail mail invitations

2. Purchase party supplies, especially if getting online

3. Arrange for extra help, if possible


1. Create a party movement schedule

2. Purchase more party supplies as required

3. Call families who have not yet responded to the invitation

4. Clean the area and prepare it for the even if you are going to offer the party outdoors in your yard or lawnt


1. Purchase food

2. Be sure your camera is charged and ready to take images/videos

3. Call entertainer to confirm expectations and appearance

4. Call bash venue to confirm all details

5. Assemble party favors


1. Bake birthday cake or pick up pre-ordered cake

2. If using additional hel, Confirm helpp

3. Decorate home or gather decorations for party venue

4. Get ready “make-ahead food” if any will be served

5. Ensure there is some shade where the kids can sit and also to the performe if you are going to hold the party outsider

6. Check weather forecast plan and information appropriately


* Don’t: invite more kids than you can handle.

*Don’t: let just the little ones run wild, have a set party schedule for them to follow.

* Don’t: make regular balloons into toys, they may pop which will make loud noises and terrify the kids. Balloon creatures are great for play.

* Don’t: load the kids with sugar. Sugar can make most kids tougher and hyperactive to control.

* Don’t: serve food products that may trigger allergic reactions in children, such as peanuts,milk and shellfish,etc

* Don’t: disperse anything to the kids during a performer’s show except when pre-arranged with the performer ahead of time.

* Do: make a decision early on a party theme.

* Do: offer a variety of food, not every people like exactly the same thing.

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