Makeup Styles for Every Occasion

You will find many different makeup styles in the media and the world at large.

Whether you’re going to a big party or the grocery store, there is a makeup style out there that is perfect for your lifestyle. 
Here is some information about popular styles to choose from so you can select the one that is best for you.

Natural Makeup 
This style is made for women who just want their makeup to provide a light facial enhancement. Rather than transforming the way you look, the natural approach involves simple changes in the way your skin, eyes, and mouth look on their own. The colors here are similar to the ones that are already existent on the face, but adding them can still make a difference.

Evening Makeup 
If you are planning on wearing evening makeup, you already know that bold and sexy is the way to go. While natural makeup is great for everyday looks, sometimes it needs a little flirt and pizazz. That’s where the nighttime makeup styles can come into play.

Prom Makeup 
Prom makeup has a tendency to be more elaborate than many other forms of makeup because prom is supposed to be a night where teens stand out from one another. The fancy dresses and up-do’s require some bold makeup to make everything flow well. Fake lashes, thick mascara, and dark eye shadow can be pretty popular for this makeup style.

Bridal Makeup 
Bridal makeup is usually pretty soft and natural to mimic the soft sophistication of the bride’s dress. While some brides will still go for bold looks with their eye makeup, most go for natural colors and then enhance them with fake eyelashes. During a wedding though, most brides just want their natural beauty to shine through.

Gothic Makeup 
Gothic makeup is one of the most extreme styles of makeup you could come across. This is usually full of dark eye shadows, eye liners, lipsticks, and more, all of which pair well with the dark clothing gothic people tend to wear. It is safe to say that gothic makeup is not made for everyone, but it could be right for you.

Anti Aging Makeup 
In the battle against aging, you can actually use the kind of makeup to wear to help you look and feel younger. Many makeup products out there actually contain chemicals that are meant to help older skin, and these products likely will reduce wrinkles and the appearance of them as a person wears that. If you are worried about looking too old or you think that signs of aging are forming on your body, you can use that to counteract the trends.

Celebrity Makeup 
Celebrities are usually on the cutting edge of makeup styles. Access to the hottest designers and stylists and constant exposure to cameras and paparazzi has made most celebrities place makeup high on their list of priorities. Find out what these fashion leaders are wearing on their faces these days.

Airbrush Makeup 
Airbrush makeup is any makeup that is applied with an airbrush rather than with the traditional tools that you might associate with makeup application. Instead of using your fingers, brushes, or sponges, you instead have a professional spray gun to give you more even, precise, and flawless coverage. Airbrushing is easy to remove, long-lasting and is hygienic.

Permanent Makeup 
Also known as cosmetic tattooing, permanent makeup has become hotter and hotter over the past few years. It used to be used as a technique mainly by models, actresses, or others in the entertainment business who wanted to shave lengthy hours sitting in the makeup chair. However, more and more women are learning that they too can shave off this time in front of their mirrors.

Mineral Makeup 
Although mineral makeup has been around since the 1970s, it has really taken off in popularity in the past few years. There are many different reasons to look into using mineral based makeup, including the fact that it is less likely to clog pores, and might actually improve skin health with regular use, since you are applying nutrients and minerals directly to the face. It’s loved because it is light, natural, and gives a long-lasting glow that can be seen all day, so you don’t have to keep reapplying it over and over again like you might with regular pressed powder.

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I have given here other gifts but, the rose is the one that she remembered and saved. That single rose symbolized my wanting her to know I was thinking of her. To her it symbolized our blossoming love. That is what she cherishes most. That is why the rose symbolizes so much for her. It really was the perfect gift for her.

Choosing the perfect gift for her is not always easy. I had no idea that the rose would mean so much to my girl friend, now wife. However, there are some guidelines that you can follow for finding that perfect something.


Most of the time smaller is better. Big items are impressive in the moment but often lose their emotional value over time because they have to be stored away, cleaned, or moved often. A general rule of thumb is that if it is a hassle to maintain or to deal with it won’t capture the sentimental value that you want.


Gifts of this type should be simple. It should have simple, but elegant packaging, and the item itself should be simple. Simplicity allows her to associate the item with what she should cherish most, you love. If it is complicated or requires training it won’t have the effect you desire. Simple is different than practical. Your gift should not be practical. Women just aren’t the practical sex. Imagine giving your wife a pocket knife as a way of saying I love you.


Your gift should require some sacrifice. This doesn’t always mean that you have to go out and spend a fortune. It could simply mean you sacrifice some time to write her a letter or make her a card. The important thing her is to let her know that you are willing to invest time in her. You will be surprised at how effective a simple well write love note will win her heart.


As with all things timing is every thing. Give your gift when the moment is right. This can be a planned thing or completely spontaneous but wait until it is right. Wait until she is completely focused on you. Try to do it in a place where there will be no distractions and where she can have your full attention also. This may be at a restaurant, in a car, on her porch, or wherever. Just make sure you are both focused and attentive on each other.


When you give her the gift, just do it! Don’t stammer, don’t play it down, don’t look away, just give it to her and say I love you. If you have put time into it and you have timed it right it will speak volumes all by its self. Make sure it is in attractive packaging and is pretty easy to open. If you have a hard time with choosing packaging go and have it professionally wrapped.


Let your personality shine through. Remember there are more ways to a girl’s heart than just diamonds and roses. Think of things you have done together, think of her dreams, and think of what she values. Finally you gift will be more memorable if there is a connection to the love that you share.

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