My Style: To Copy or to Be Inspired

In a world where individuality is king, I sometimes wonder why people insist on dressing alike. Not to say there is anything wrong with uniformity or sifting through the pages of Style and Vogue for inspiration but if you’re turning into a carbon copy of someone else, then it’s time to shift gears and shop around.

In a recent article published by Atlantics Life Cannel, mothers intentionally copy or “doppelgang” their daughters’ style. The children, instead of learning style and social cues from their parents, are actually the ones influencing the adults’ behavior. In such cases, parents lack the time to stay on top of fashion trends; therefore, they take cues from their children on what to wear. Parents also doppelgang because they feel younger than they look.

I found this phenomenon of reverse socialization very intriguing but I couldn’t help thinking about the people who doppelgang for all the wrong reasons, in all the wrong ways…….On certain occasions we might cop someone’s style because we are truly inspired by their look and ingenuity-so much so, we wonder why we weren’t the originator or creative force behind the idea. On any other given day, copying someone’s look makes us feel closer to the person we’re emulating. This person could be an acquaintance, a high-profile celebrity or even royalty and there is nothing wrong with that either. However, if this admiration translates into a deep desire to fit in or to assume the identity of another, then there is a problem. We all want to be inspired and accepted but this want/”need” shouldn’t be so perverse that we become afraid of walking in our own light.

A) So you might be wondering what the difference is between copying and being inspired. Here are a few examples:

1. Kate Middleton rocks a stylish pea coat and you purchase the same coat, especially since you have a beautiful scarf that will look great with it……..You are inspired.

2. Beyonce wears a form-fitting Herve Leger dress, accessories from her Dereon line and a pair of striking stilettos from Alexander McQueen and you recreate the ENTIRE look…..You are officially a fashion plagiarist.

B) If someone is copying your style:

1. Consider why they are copying you. May be he/she is copying you because he/she like your style, your personality, etc. They may also be doing so simply to irritate you or make you mad. Also take into consideration that this person may not even realize they are mimicking you

2. If the copying is school/work related, state that they should be doing their own work, and both of you could get into trouble for allowing it.

3.Take straight-out imitation as a sincere form of flattery. This person is obviously copying you because they like you or look up to you. While this behavior can come off as annoying, be proud. You should be flattered that someone envies you so much.

4.Confront the person. Mention you have noticed that they have taken up some of your style/traits, and that it feels a bit like they are copying you. Say this lightly, as someone who is bluntly mimicking someone else may be sensitive and insecure. Don’t hurt their feelings by screaming at them to stop, but if you want the copying to stop, get your point across.

5. If they continue to copy without your permission, avoid them

6. Consider changing yourself. If someone is copying your tried-and-true look, try another look! That way, they have theirs and you have yours. Move on to something else and let them continue to be the way they (you) are.

7. Be nice to this person. As stated before, he or she may be very insecure, so give him/her a boost of confidence. With your help, they may eventually develop their own style/ways, and you’ve got yours again. Everyone wins!

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