Myths About Custom Jewelry – What You Need To Know

I know you, you are looking for your own piece of jewelry that you can call your own. Do you have a design in your head that just doesn’t seem to appear anywhere in the stores that you go to? This means that you can go ahead and perhaps consider the idea of custom jewelry. Custom jewelry are jewelry that are made only once and are customized for the wearer. Anyone can order and the cost is not as much as you would expect. Here are some myths that will clear your mind of misconceptions regarding custom jewelry.

The First Myth

“All of the jewelry that are customized are also expensive, there is no way that I can buy that.”

This is true only if you feel that it is. Customized jewelry is expensive when you are considering to buy expensive unique jewelry. Just like store jewelry that you have, some can be over a thousand dollars while others can simply be a few dollars. Depending on what sort of custom stones and what you want it will reflect on the price of the piece. Personally I have found that beaded earrings and handmade beaded jewelry in general are inexpensive. They are extremely nice but most cost less than a hundred dollars.

Myth Number Two

“Sales People are going to be pushy.”

Who wouldn’t want to hate on the sales person when it comes to trying to purchase something. For the past few years that I have been actively shopping custom jewelry I have found all of my sales people to be quite content with letting me decide. They will provide me with a selection of choices and the prices. Other than that there is not much that they do to shove or push me to purchase a specific gem or stone. Research has also shown that the more you push someone the less likely that they will do it. Therefore salespeople are generally passive and only help in bringing honest information and giving out as much info as they can.

The Third Myth

” I can find just what I want in the local jewelry store.”

This ideology is as far away from the truth as you can get. Although the local jewelry store might have something that you are content with, there is never something that will completely satisfy what you want. What you want can only be described and made by you, which is why so many people turn to unique custom jewelries when they are interested in buying something.

Another great thing about these custom made items are that they cannot be seen anywhere else. So when you get that piece of jewelry there should be little doubt in your mind that you are wearing something that is one of a kind. I know personally this feeling is amazing and hope that you can share that same feeling as I do.

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