Portable – Handheld Vaporizers

davinci-vaporizer3Portable Vaporizers are just that – portable and then for people on the run. These lightweight and compact vaporizers are produced for vapor enthusiasts that could require portability. Portable or alternatively, “handheld vapes” can be used almost anywhere and are very simple to operate. Most of these travel vaporizers, like the Ascent by Davinci Vaporizer, Iolite WISPR, Magic Flight Launch Box or maybe the Vaporgenie, may be found in quite a number of colours and fashoins. These hand-held vaporizers typically use lithium ion batteries, alkaline batteries, flame or butane and a lot of include car chargers/adapters. Most of them require no cords or wires. So, a portable vaporizer is your best possible option if you’re looking to vape on the do and go so discreetly.

If you are wondering which one of the mentioned portable vaporizers would be the best, we suggest to pay a visit to Ascent by Davinci Vaporizer website. It combines a feature rich platform with rugged portability.

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