Printer Ink Cartridges – Different Kinds With Different Cost Saving Ability

Printers are being used in each and every field whether it is an office, a college, or your home. The people who work with printers are aware of the fact that they have to use cartridges along with the printer for its functioning. The installation of printer ink cartridges is not a one time process and you need to change the ink each time it is finished. Now for people using these cartridges on an extensive scale, the cost factor comes along the way. So people try to use the best but the cheapest ink cartridges available in the market. There are three types of ink cartridges available in the market which includes:

• Original Ink Cartridges: It is having the brand of the company with it. These cartridges are produced with the same manufacturer as that of your printer. These types of cartridges are usually very expensive.

• Compatible Ink Cartridges: These printer ink cartridges are always compatible with your printer but they are manufactured from third parties. These cartridges are proffered as they are always cheap and compatible with the printer.

• Remanufactured Ink Cartridges: These are basically refurbished ink cartridges

A cartridge is basically composed of ink at its head that is used for printing purposes by spreading it on the paper. The cartridge has partitions of ink containers that basically interact with the printer. The thermal cartridges used have a partition which is a heating element along with a resistor. When you give the command for printing, current flows through the resistor, heating of which makes the ink surround the heated plate which is then vaporized inside the nozzle. In a couple of milliseconds, a drop of ink overflows from the nozzle making it fall on the paper. There are two types of inks that are generally used in the printers:

• Dye Based Inks: They have wide range of colors but take a couple of seconds to dry.

• Pigmented Inks: This is a fast drying ink and is used mostly for color printing.

The printing process works smoothly if you have enough quantity of ink in your cartridge. The smoother the ink is the easier is the printing process. Sometimes you must have observed that the printing process fails to give the desired result which is because of the lowering of the ink level. When the ink sticks on the print head then it should be cleaned properly using isopropyl alcohol so that it does not hinder the printing process. A good quality of ink also acts as coolant protecting the heating elements of the metal plate. If you try to execute the printing process without having ink in your cartridge then it can lead to the burning of the print head making it heavily damaged. You should always opt for the ink that dries quickly. If the ink takes time in drying itself, then it may produce blurred prints along with the mixing of colors which may result in the poor quality of prints.

A printer is capable of printing either a black and white printout or a colored printout. For this purpose a printer is usually composed of two different cartridges, one for black and white print and the other for colored prints. The cartridge which produces colored prints is composed of the three primary colors which act accordingly. Sometimes using printer ink cartridges may be very expensive especially if you are using the brand name ones.

When you are finished with your ink cartridges you need to replace them, but it should be done carefully as the unsafe ink cartridges can damage your printer as well. You have got options available for you at the time of change of the cartridge. You can take your empty cartridge to the market in order to refill it, you can even purchase the ink in the bulk with which you can refill the cartridge on your own, or you can buy a new cartridge. People who have extensive use of the printers generally prefer to buy the ink in the bulk so as to save their time as well as the money.

The replacement of your ink cartridges from your printer’s manufacturer is usually a costly process and this has led to several third parties producing cartridges compatible with your printer with the almost the same quality but at a cheap rate. The cartridges are usually costly and it may also depend upon on the printer you are using. To save the money which you spend in the refilling of cartridges, people generally buy the cartridges from a third party. As purchasing from third party is a cheap process, people are generally opting for this one.

Some companies which deal with the printers and their cartridges involve hp, Konica, brother, cannon, etc. Each of these companies has its own popularity and the quality of products. Before buying the right cartridge you should have good knowledge of this. You can even go on the web to know more about printer ink cartridges.

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