Planning Before Renting a Storage Unit

Increasing your belongings and reducing the space may lead to a problematic situation. One of the best solutions is to store the belongings in a storage unit.

Whether you are relocating, downsizing, or cleaning up a place, storage units are always a great help. The market today is full of different types of storage spaces that cater to the needs of a diverse clientele.

There are various advantages associated with renting an outdoor storing space. However, at the same time, individuals should keep in their minds that proper planning is required before receiving these benefits. In most cases, storage service providers do not charge a high fee. But while taking these things into consideration, it’s important that you don’t waste any more during this process.

Make a list of the articles to be stored

Make a list of all the articles that will be kept in the storage unit.

Decide on the storage unit size

A storage unit can be as small as 5’x 5′ and can be as big as 10’x 30′. The selection completely depends on the requirements of the client. An important point to consider here is that even after placing everything inside the unit, one should be able to freely walk in it for access to their belongings.

Decide on the Amenities required

Storage service providers not only render space for keeping the possessions, but also offer various additional facilities. Mentioned below are some of the features that are included in these units: 
• Temperature control 
• Full fledged security alarm system 
• Supervisors for time to time audits

Some unit providers charge for these services, while others include it in the storage rental fee. It’s completely up to the client’s whether he wishes to use these services or not. If one is storing articles that are prone to climatic changes, temperature control is suggested. Further, considering the increased incidence of crime, security alarms have become a basic need in times of today.

Research to find the best fit

As stated above, the market has ample supply of different types of units; thus, selecting one is not “a piece of cake”. You will need to decide if the storage unit is for business or office use or for personal purpose. This research will include the following things:

Online surfing: Studying various storage unit service providers over the internet is one of the easiest ways of research. Don’t stop on one website; keep looking for the right service provider and the best deal.

Read Testimonials: Client’s feedback talks a lot about the company.

Consider the online testimonials of different storage units, and one can also check their ratings.

Ask a friend: Recommendations and suggestions from a friend who has already used one such service can be of great help.

Location: It is extremely helpful to have a storage unit conveniently located to your home/business. Be sure to pick a unit that does not require you to go out of your way to retrieve belongings that you may spontaneously need.

Rent: The customer must make sure that the storage provider is charging a fair price for the services.


Before renting a self storage space, the client ought to be clear on their set of requirements. This planning will take some time, but will help immensely in selecting the right storage unit for safely storing the items.

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