Roborock – Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Time is the most crucial thing to segregate your tasks and perform smartly in the modern world. Especially when it comes to a wholesome lifestyle, a well-balanced routine is always a pronounced idea to get going. Today we are talking about the most anticipated invention produced by tech-savvy technologists to ease people’s lifestyles.

What is Roborock?

Roborock has a range of robotic vacuum cleaners to make your cleaning go easy without any human effort. The mechanism is designed to provide comfort to consumers looking forward to adopting the technology to drive new ventures. The intelligent bot cleaner turns your time spent cleaning and mopping into free time for you to spend on the better things in life.

If you consider getting one today, compare the most commonly used Roborock vacuum cleaner models below.

  1. S6 MaxV is known for its compact intelligence where it comes with ReactiveAI obstacle avoidance, Dual cameras, and 2500 pa suction power. Furthermore, the run time is up to 200 minutes with a suitable area coverage of 300m2.
  • S5 Max is a one-stop solution for thoughtful people about handing over their cleaning hassles. It comes with a 297 ml electric water tank and 2000 pa suction power, where it also provides customized mopping through the app. Besides, the run time is up to 180 minutes with a suitable area coverage of 300m2.
  • S6 Pure is one of Roborock’s most used products. It provides a 180 ml passive water tank with precise navigation and 2000 pa suction power. Moreover, the run time is up to 180 minutes with a suitable area coverage of 300m2.
  • E5 has a built-in 640 ml dustbin and a suction power of up to 2000 pa and provides OpticEye navigation. Additionally, the run time is up to 180 minutes with a suitable area coverage of 300m2.
  • S4 Max comes with the vacuuming optimized 2000 pa suction power and multi-level mapping to ensure efficient mobility. Also, the run time is up to 180 minutes with a suitable area coverage of 300m2.

Why Choose Roborock?

The ultra-versatile range of robotic cleaners allows you to entrust your cleaning and mopping tasks to the intelligent cleaner. It identifies the dirt and tracks the route accordingly while avoiding the barriers.

The best part of using Roborock Vacuum Cleaner is its compatibility to keep the operations at your fingertips while accommodating the desired functionalities. Also, the strong suction power allows the user to lay back and let the robot do its job with efficient features to meet the projected expectations.

Moreover, the 5000mAh built-in battery regulates the vacuum to cover the area of at least 300m2, which makes it easier to clean the home in one go. The most applauded feature is that it is built smartly to efficiently navigate the unwanted surrounding barriers to complete the assigned task.

When it comes to having a camera at home on your moving bot cleaner, privacy is the concern, right? Roborock Vacuums are tested and approved by TUV Rhineland, where it keeps your privacy on priority by deleting the recorded visuals on the very next instant throughout the cleaning. Now that makes a safe and secure venture!


Can robot cleaners work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, the vacuum cleaner can work offline with the same intelligence. Besides, it provides extra functionalities over the Wi-Fi connection.

Can I connect the robot vacuum to Alexa?

Yes, the in-built compatible feature allows you to connect the vacuum with Alexa.

Can the robot avoid stairs and ledges?

Yes. The onboard cliff sensors detect any drops and avert the robot from falling.


Who doesn’t want ease with emerging technologies around the globe? Roborock has invented great digital ventures for interested seekers who aim to synchronize with gadgets’ digitization. The AI cleaners range at Roborock might be a surprise for you because it is a dream come true, isn’t it? So, are you up to bring your bot cleaner home today?

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