Rotary Cutting For Quilting Beginners

AQ-Proj-10314-300x250-1505Successful quilt construction requires precise cutting. With accurately cut pieces, even beginners can assemble a quilt without difficulty. Gaining mastery of any rotary cutting tool can certainly make a significant difference within your quiltmaking experience.

By using a rotary cutter, you may make accurate cuts through multiple layers of fabric. Among the strongest appeals of rotary cutting will be the speed and precision with which you may cut multiple strips, triangles and squares and diamonds, thus increasing your enjoyment of your quilting process.

Just like many techniques, the greater number of you practice the better and a lot more natural the procedure may become. Practice rotary cutting on fabric scraps up until you develop confidence within your cutting accuracy.

Tool Basics

To rotary cut fabrics, you’ll need three basic items: a rotary cutter, acrylic ruler, as well as a cutting mat. A rotary cutter should invariably be used in combination with a cutting mat designed especially for rotary cutting. The mat protects the cutting surface and keeps the material from shifting while it’s being cut.

Cutting mats will often have one side printed using a grid then one side that’s plain. In order to avoid confusion when lining up fabric using the lines printed about the ruler, some quilters want to take advantage of the plain side of your mat. Others would rather utilize the mat’s grid.

The round blade of any rotary cutter is razor sharp. Make sure you make use of a cutter using a safety guard and maintain the guard within the blade whenever you’re not cutting. Rotary cutters are normally offered in three sizes; a great all-purpose blade dimensions are 45mm.

Many find a large number of rotary cutting makes their back hurt. Bend in the hip as an alternative to in the waist when rotary cutting to prevent this. It is actually easier and puts less stress face up and arms. To assist you with this particular, place your cutting mat upon an appropriate height table or counter.

Also, it is extremely important to hold the pieces you cut organized. Think of this while you begin cutting in order to save yourself time later.

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