Selling Your Diamonds and Getting the Best Value



Why would you ever want to sell your most treasured diamond pieces? Properly, perhaps you have just been subject to a divorce or perhaps a major break-up and that diamond band just reminds you of the ruined partnership. Or you are really strapped for cash and selling that diamond jewelry you so genuinely love is the only method out. But whatever your reason may be, the only thing that matters now is how to get the best price for your personal diamond.

How can you get the best deal for your diamond? Nicely, the answer here is very easy. Don’t be in an excessive amount of a hurry to dispose it. Look at all the options available before you let go of your valuable gem. For your guidance, here are some suggestions that may be a big help in getting the best value for your diamond.

1. Look for a qualified appraiser. To get a correct idea of your diamond’s value, have it appraised by at least 2 to 3 trustworthy jewelers. You can easily find a handful of skilled specialists in your immediate area by asking for recommendations from the Appraisers’ Organization of America, the American Society of Appraisers or the International Society of Appraisers. Or if you are in a hurry and can’t wait for their recommendations (this usually takes a week), look for appraisers listed in the Yellow Pages.

2. Get the diamond appraised. When promoting a stone as precious as a diamond, you would like to be armed because of the tools you can get. Needless to say, you would want to know the stone’s Rapaport value. The Rapaport value demonstrates the standardized wholesale price for which diamond precious jewelry stores all over the country are willing to pay for a diamond of the certain quality. This is the highest value that you can expect to get out of your diamond. Keep in mind that this sum would be significantly less than what the stone would normally fetch in the jewelry store.

3. If any of your family members or good friends is interested in acquiring the piece, ask around to see. The best deals are frequently made with people you realize. That would be some time to look for other customers if this fails.

4. Make a round in the jewelry stores in your neighborhood. This would be your next best option. Be really cautious when taking this route, however. You must not let your diamond bit out of your sight even for a moment. You wouldn’t want it to be changed with one of lesser good quality, would you?

Show the jeweler the diamond’s appraisal. If the jeweler offers you a price, which can be 60 to 80% of the diamond’s Rapaport value (known as the dump benefit), you have made a great deal. But if he provides a price well below 60% below the Rapaport value, don’t take it. He’s simply ripping you away from!

5. Sell it in an auction house. Which can be considered as among the top notch, consider selling them back in one of the more famous auction houses, when you own a diamond. In the usa, these would be Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

Now that you are more equipped with the required strategies in getting the best deal for your diamond, you can start looking for your prospective buyers. Remember these tips and you’ll do just fine!

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