Shop Best Buy Online Or at the Store?

When you want the latest and greatest in technology and gadgetry one of the best places to go is to Best Buy. For your convenience, and so they can sell a lot more stuff, Best Buy also has a website,, where you can browse though all the merchandise you would expect to find on the store shelves and then some. A question that comes up frequently is whether it is cheaper to buy directly from the store of if buying online is cheaper.

The answer is not as cut and dry as you might think and there are several factors that can make one place more or less expensive than the other. Here are some factors to consider when decided whether to buy online or at the store:

o Does the store have the item in stock: Many times you can find the item you want at and then call your local Best Buy and give them the item number. If the store has it in stock then you will better off going to the store in order to make your purchase as you will be able to directly obtain the item and not have to worry about any shipping and handling fees. So long as the item is in stock it should be the same price as advertised online.

o Are there specials: Sometimes the identical item will cost more at the website or vice versa depending on if there are any specials going on. If there is an online special only that will allow you to save say 10 percent on your purchases for the day then you will probably be better off ordering online. If however you have a coupon for 10 percent off that can only be used at the store, then it will be better off going to the store itself.

o Are the items Internet only: This point sort of goes with the first point. If you find an item you like and call the store to see if it is in stock, you may find that the item is an ‘Internet only item’ meaning your local Best Buy will never carry the item. In this case it is what it is and if you want the item you will have no choice but to buy it off of the website. The same can sometimes hold true for the stores as they will sometimes sell a ‘store only’ item though you will have to go to the actual store to find out what these items are.

o Are the items on clearance: Both the regular Best Buy store and will have clearance items or discontented items from time to time. However, just because something is on clearance online doesn’t mean that it necessarily is at the store itself so you should be sure to ask and never assume.

Factoring in these considerations will help you to not only be able to find the gadgets you want, but it will also help you to find them at the best possible price. Just remember, though Best Buy and are ultimately one and the same, they are not always apples to apples on pricing.

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