Past of

My name is Thomas Foster. My wife Donna, my son Douglas, and I own What follows is a tiny backdrop around the “Past of”.

In 1976, I began creating camera straps for myself plus some boating close friends. When other boaters discovered our elegant straps (as opposed to their spring and ropes buckle straps), they merely needed to know where to purchase some. Strapworks was created out of that easy formula. Though our initial straps were actually all black colored, I seriously desired to incorporate some colour involved. And, I was really sick and tired of arguing more than which straps inside the stack were my own. So, I found some yellow webbing and separated myself from the herd. Needless to say, the hue concept snowballed. Literally for many years, Strapworks was the sole straps maker employing any colored webbing. Our band organization prospered. We started the concept of colour computer programming various measures of straps for convenient detection. After a few many years, other suppliers noticed our good results and started out giving colored straps. Nevertheless it was actually a fragile try. They could offer only some colours and merely in establish lengths.

Today’s motto, “There exists a Straps for That”® is unequaled. We moved from cam straps to offering many different styles, and also in the biggest number of hues we might discover. We not merely convey more shades than almost every other Usa band manufacturer, we have special colors, as well. We offer designing on every one of our products and design professional services simply not accessible elsewhere. And, we offer unique customer satisfaction. As an illustration, only Strapworks provides two part straps (like ratchet straps and loop straps) in blended colors. Right now, our persistence for range, quality, and customer satisfaction is singular in the market. Right now we have 35 shades in light-weight polypropylene, 24 colours in heavyweight polypropylene, and approximately 60 colors in nylon material. Our company is (to our own very best knowledge) the only equipment supplier in the united states to offer you coloured computer hardware with d-slides, buckles and rings in reality, most of our metallic hardware, obtainable in 19 carry colors. We have now no minimums and they are very happy to complete those 1 buckle orders placed along with those 10,000 strap orders. Our growth is extraordinary so we still present new products and services regularly. We now have been STRAPWORKS.COM® since 1995.

So, where do we go now? There exists a excellent “Affiliate Program” that can help enterprising individuals earn money by means of referrals to our website. We have now amazing amount reductions for our low-professional customers, plus a wonderful general/dealership system for you personally business people. Hopefully to become the Northwest’s greatest webbing distributor in the following number of years. We are going to be tightly evaluating the import marketplace for much better costs on equipment. Therefore we decide to always keep chasing new hues in webbing as well as in equipment. Hey, the entire world isn’t black and white. So, will continue to bring color to your world.

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