The American Flag

Since the American Revolutionary War, the flag is really a indication of freedom. It signifies a nation that fought against against for independence. It waves over every condition capitol and contains been elevated in every single war and fight our military has fought against against. It has been really the only inspiration for several soldiers who’d very little else to provide to outlive and win the most challenging battles.

Through the war of 1812, soldiers elevated the big U.S. flag over Fort McHenry to celebrate an essential victory inside the British. It absolutely was this same flag that gave desire to all people who first seen it that freedom was strong which our independence would last. It absolutely was this experience that inspired Francis Scott Response to write our national anthem: The Star-Spangled Banner.

In many its glory, the flag is constantly represent our independence. While serving over seas in Korea through the eighties, In the seeing “Old Glory” flying high inside the camping that we was designated. The web site of seeing this flag flying within the camping everyday inspired me to complete my favorite just like a soldier. It absolutely was one of the handful of items that reminded me that we was an American soldier on foreign soil who represented a free of charge nation.

The value of our flag is evidence of the protections that individuals enjoy. It’s traveled far to exhibit it regal concept of freedom. The flag went for the moon also to the deep sea. Within The month of the month of january 1960, Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh and Swiss investigator Jacques Picard descended record depths inside the bathyscaphe in Trieste. While making their descent inside the Mariana Trench, 210 miles southwest of Guam, they decreased the united states American flag. It absolutely was released in the weighted plastic container now rests as of this historic location.

As time passes, lots of people have attempted to decrease the value of our flag also to eliminate a couple of from the traditions surrounding our flag. Many individuals have forgotten the conventional respects for the flag for instance putting their give their heart since the flag passes them. Many also provide forgotten the proper way to fly or fold the flag. (To educate yourself regarding the united states Flag Code follow the link). Yet others, would rather get rid of the flag to exhibit their particular flag. For example, Leader Obama removed the flag from his campaign plane and transformed it along with his own symbol.

In the majority of the, you need to request just what a youthful soldier serving abroad views the disrespect that some have for your flag. I question how a Navy Pilot Mike Christian feels after being beaten with the North Vietnamese to create an american flag. I frequently question about people brave soldiers who moved the flag into fight who died fighting under “Old Glory”. Their recognition and respect for your flag went beyond a little of fabric. It represented their country, their property, their existence-style. It symbolized freedom as well as the opportunity to reside their lives simply because they so preferred.

Since the flag so majestically waves over our country, I am reminded of people who sacrificed for your protections that individuals enjoy. And therefore, after i pass the flag, I solemnly place my produce with gratitude the flag still waves happily around the free nation. May we keep in mind that the flag isn’t just a little of fabric flying around the building. It signifies everything America has sacrificed being. It’s due to this that “these colors don’t run.” May the flag forever wave over America!