Volcano eCigs

Volcano e-cigs was founded in 2009 in Hawaii, and since then they’ve become one of the biggest names in the world of vaping. They’re well-supplied by retailers in the US, and they’ve also expanded their operations to cover the UK and places in Southeast Asia – again reflecting the success they’ve enjoyed since starting up. They’re probably most well-known for their monster Lavatube, the APV is completely variable voltage, bending to the whims of even the most discerning of vapers. There’s also the eGo sized Inferno kit and the more beginner-friendly, cigarette-sized Magma kit. They also offer plenty of pre-filled cartomizers and a monumental selection of USA-made e-liquids.

For Beginners, the Magma Kit ($74.99) offers everything you need to get started vaping, with a cigarette-like appearance to help you make the transition. The kit comes with two batteries, a portable charging case (with USB cable), USB charger, wall adapter and ten cartridges; everything you need to get started. The compatible cartomizers come in numerous flavors, including interesting options such as Pineapple Punch, Coocoo Coconut, Waikiki Watermelon and Kona Coffee, as well as the expected menthol and tobacco flavors. You only have two nicotine options here though –Lights (8mg) and Full Flavored (16mg), but there are more if you open up to e-liquids.

The Inferno is the intermediate-level, eGo like model, and it allows you to take advantage of the wide range of e-liquids on offer. You get two pass-through batteries with the starter kit ($74.99), which are rated at 650 and 900 mAh, and one tank with re-usable atomizer (and five refills).This all comes with 15ml of e-liquid and a “Tube Sock” carrying case, as well as the expected wall and USB chargers. The main advantage of this unit for more advanced vapers is the increased battery life, strong vapor production and the ability to use e-liquids from any supplier.

The Lavatube kit is the ultimate offering from Volcano electronic cigarettes, with variable voltage (3 to 6V in 0.1V steps), LCD screen and dedicated buttons to control the high-tech unit. It costs $139.99 for a Lavatube, compatible 18650 battery, multi-charger, 7 ml tank, 15 ml of e-liquid and carry case. All of the more advanced options work with any e-liquids, with Volcano’s own coming in 0mg, 8mg, 16mg and 24mg, in a total of 39 flavors. In short, Volcano e-cig has huge potential for vapers of any level, and their reputation is well-deserved.

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