Wearing Fashion Watches – Some of the Latest Styles For Men and Women

jomashop160x600-2Could the watch become obsolete? As many use their cell phone to know the time instead of a watch, manufacturers of watches have needed to come up with ways to keep such time pieces afloat. Some strategies over the past year have been keychain watches and fashion designs for men and women. While ten years ago watches were worn for practicality, they’re seen as a piece of fashion first and the practicality is an added bonus. This has been somewhat true for women’s watches and also for men’s. No longer is a basic leather band and metal watch face acceptable. Instead, the watch needs to function and appear like a piece of jewelry.

One popular watch style for women has been bracelet style watches, as a result. Made out of metal, these bracelet style watches are essentially a fashion item with a watch face attached. The most common is a cuff watch which, with a thicker metal band, slides directly over the wrist. For a bit more space, charm and bangle bracelet watches are also popular. Both, similarly, are designed like their standard bracelet counterparts, with a watch face included within the metal design.

Metal isn’t the only material used for women’s fashion watches. While a solid cuff or bangle is common, they’re often embellished, particularly by beads. Such watch bands can be covered in small seed beads or, for a large or chunky style, designed with glass beads. Additionally, other materials are used to make a solid watch band. Go to any costume jewelry store and fashion watches are made from solidenamel and wood. Alternatively, plastic bands.

What about men’s watches? Although many styles for men include the basic leather or metal band and a watch face, a small market for men’s fashion watches has also emerged. The most prominent design has been ice watches which, although more appropriate for urban fashion, take the basic design of a leather or metal band watch and embellish it with rhinestones on the watchdial and face, and band. The rhinestones are made to resemble diamonds and, in some cases, clash – on purpose – with the gold color of the band.

Fashion watches are the next generation in keeping time pieces relevant if you’re someone who still relies on a watch instead of a cell phone. Both women and men can select from many styles that suit their fashion tastes and, occasionally, choose between different watch bands to fit their outfits.

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