5 Ways to Save Money on Web Design and Graphics

Web design and graphics are an essential part of running your own online business, but professional designs can cost thousands sometimes! This is a big investment to make especially if you’re making a brand new money making site that you aren’t sure is going to be of use to you for long.

Rather than spend a lot up front, you can save money on web design and graphics with a few key resources. Use these sites and ideas to get design done on the cheap.

1. Bidding sites.

This is one of the best ways to get low cost design done for your websites. Sites like Elance.com, Guru.com and Scriptlance.com all have thousands of designers trying to outbid one another to win the opportunity to work on your project. Bidding sites are a good starting place for saving money since professionals tend to bid lower than they would if you contacted them directly. In addition, you can review their portfolios and compare work before you commit to buy.

2. 99designs.com

Bidding sites offer you the ability to see past work that designers have done, but 99designs gives you the opportunity to see what your project will look like once it’s complete. 99designs.com is a unique graphics and web design site. You can create a project and then have designers actually do the work for you. You agree to pay whomever you deem “the winner” once you receive all of the entries for your project. Since the designers are participating in a contest, you’re able to see all of the concepts for your design before paying.

3. ThemeForest.com

No matter what type of platform you’re using for your website, ThemeForest is a way to find inexpensive thremes that you can use. They have hundreds of HTML and WordPress themes to choose from. You can purchase a template that you like and then edit it yourself or pay someone else to do it. Although it isn’t completely free, it’s certainly a lot less expensive than hiring someone to create a website from scratch. You can browse through the designs based on the colors you want, the size and the basic design features. Once you’ve purchased a theme you can use it again and again on as many sites as you’d like.

4. Find a design intern.

Designers that are just starting out are often willing to do work as part of an internship in order to gain experience. You can find an intern on Craigslist or other forums. Post an ad that describes the type of designer you’re looking for and be sure to note that you’re looking for an entry level paid intern to complete design work. You’ll be providing them with valuable experience while still keeping your costs low.

5. Trade skills.

If you have other skills, like content writing or research, that you can trade this can help you save money on design. Offer your skills up in exchange for web or graphic design so you can get your money making site together at a lower cost.

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