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The best  coffee delivered to you door , enjoy the finest  coffee  from all over the world in your kitchen and at affordable price !

The best quality known coffee beans are brought from coffeeplz to roast them and deliver  to you home from:

African & Arabian Coffee Shop now

Caribbean Coffee Shop now

Central American Coffee Shop now

Hawaiian Coffee Shop now

Indian Coffee Shop now

Indonesian Coffee Shop now

South American Coffee

Every week you get delivered to you home all these coffees selected for a team of specialist, all coffee lovers, a coffee weirdo, and a roaster extraordinaire, The culmination of both Tonx and Sumi’s coffee journey—a no-holds-barred, no-corners-cut direct-to-consumer coffee roasting company that aims to restore sanity to your home coffee universe while indulging their own expansive culinary craziness. If you’ve read this far, you really ought to try a box. Every release is unique and tweaked to be the best it can be, offered at a price that makes it easy to say “Yes Plz!”

The benefits of drinking coffee are well known ,  boosts your physical performance.  may help you lose weight. helps you burn fat. helps you focus and stay alert, lowers risk of death, reduces risk of cancers, reduces risk of stroke, reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease;

And be able to enjoy a cup of  finest world coffee in the confront of you home is what coffeeplz makes it possible by weekly  shipping  a new blend roasted in los Angeles.

Your order can start form $17  with free shipping and you get a regular delivery of a premium coffee bag ,  available in 250g/8.8oz (makes 15-20 cups)  and 340g/12oz (makes 18-25 cups) , you can also choose delivery to be weekly, evey 2, 3 or 4 weeks.

Next month coffee release will be a one-two punch from Latin America makes this a crowd-pleasing blend with complexity and depth — perfect for our 2-year anniversary release! A beautiful chocolatey coffee from Los Dos Socios in Huehuetenango, Guatemala pairs with a super sweet Colombia from Nariño to make a cup of pure sunshine.

And for coffee lover than don’t want to have caffeine there is de decaf selection.

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